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[Eng Sub] HoChun's RandomNess or CrazyNess

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1 [Eng Sub] HoChun's RandomNess or CrazyNess on 27th November 2008, 9:55 am

I heard that this is for the Haptic Campaign or something (LOLX)
Im not soo sure... XD well Just sharing this with u guys....
HAHAHA..... Anyway it has ENGLISH SUBS SO... yeah.. you can enjoy it ^_^ *lav*
Cant wait..

Part one

Watch me in HQ!

Part Two

Watch me in HQ!

I hope no one will fall for Yunho this time.. please dont! Im suffering alot already! T^T

P/S: Both of them are soo cute!! I love em more and more day by day (haru haru?) LMAO!
Their DORKNESS Has finally awaken! lolololololololololol


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