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[INFO] For the Malaysian Cassiopeians once again ^_^

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[INFO] For the Malaysian Cassiopeians once again ^_^


Attention all Malaysia Cassiopeia,

First of all, as we all knew that our beloved TVXQ will kick off their 3rd “Mirotic” concert tour on February 2009 and unfortunately Malaysia was not included in the tour…. We knew that lots of Malaysia Cassiopeia is expecting their concert in Malaysia and what we can do now are, we want the boys to knew that Malaysia Cassiopeia are desperate to see them… So, in order to let them know, we will kick off this petition…. What you need to do are as below :

1. Get 1 TVXQ picture. Print it out or develop into a 4R size (all printed or develop picture must be in 4R size. No other size are allow.) PLEASE TAKE NOTE HERE:

We need 4 copies of the pictures now with your messages and name behind the pictures. These 4 copies will be use for the propose (Please note that all 4 copies must be the same contents as what you wrote on each pictures) :

i. One copy for the TVXQ boys.
ii. One copy for sponsor.
iii. One copy for Korea recording company.
iv. One copy for Malaysia recording company.

* Not to worry all, we will try our best as one of the incharge person has been contacted with one of the event company in Malaysia and we will try our best to bring the boys over to Malaysia.

2. Write your message and name behind the picture. (Please bare in mind that the message MUST be about the Malaysia concert. Keep it short and meaningful your message.) All messages should be written in either : Korean, English and Japanese ONLY.

3. Please LAMINATE the picture before sending to us.

4. Please Email or MSN us at : in order to get our mailing address to send the picture to us by post.

5. Please include RM1.00 to us for processing fees for combine all the pictures that we collected to compile into a booklet.

6. After we compile all Malaysia Cassiopeia petition, we will pass this book to TVXQ during SM Town Concert in Thailand… We have a friend who able to meet them and pass this booklet by hand.

7. Although we can’t promise 100% it will be successful but at least we tried our effort to let TVXQ knows we really want them to come Malaysia for concert.

* So, to make this a very successful, we need lots of Malaysia Cassiopeia supports. Please take your action now.

** Dateline to post over the picture to us is before : 12th January 2009…. We know it’s a bit rush but we have to collect all your message card and compile into a book and pass over to our friend to help us to pass to TVXQ by hand. All late entries will NOT be entertain….

*** Currently forums, website and fans blog who’re helping to promote this petition are : Baidu, mytvxqzone, Purple Gas, TVXQPrince, 7 Minutes In Fandom Heaven, Shine Collection, Usagilicious, crunchyroll …. If anyone of you is helping us to spread this piece of information to your TVXQ forum, website or fans blog… Please contact us… We will be much appreciate to know who’re helping us =)

**If you have any inquiries, please e-mail as well.

C/O Kelly and Yui

source: Fangirlmitz

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I got news tat SayangDBSK's petition had received 5000 cassie's support !!
[as the organizer requested]

SO , the concert is hopefully ON .. MUST !

happy happy ..

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