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[TRANS+AUDIO] ASIAN GROOVE TVXQ Special Secret Corner - CHANGMIN SPECIAL (TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki/東方神起/동방신기)

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[TRANS+AUDIO] ASIAN GROOVE TVXQ Special Secret Corner - CHANGMIN SPECIAL (TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki/東方神起/동방신기)


We are Tohoshinki, Year 2009 is “Moo~ (Cow calls)” We’ll also work hard this year! Series Broadcasting.

Max: Good evening, I’m Tohoshinki’s Changmin. Please listen to our new single “Bolero”.
MC: “Bolero” has already been published. The guest for this program series is Changmin-san. Please take care!
Max: Please take care.
MC: Year 2008 is a good year, what were the three best things that happened in Year 2008 for Changmin-san?
Max: Top Three ah, eh, firstly……
MC: Start from the bottom! Autograph session or something else? 3rd is?
Max: Tour concert.
MC: Tour concert.
Max. Yes. 2nd will be returning back to the stage in Korea after 1 year and 6 months. MC: Really?
Max: Really.
MC: Then what is the 1st?
Max: Started to keep a dog.
MC: Really?
Max: Really.
MC: What breed is that?
Max: Maltese.
MC: What is the name?
Max: Mangdungii, the name of a kind of fish in Korea, although it’s a very tiny fish, but it’s very beautiful.
MC: I see. What is the thing that you wanted to challenge the most in Year 2009?
Max: Ya~~ There are a lot.
MC: Must be personal.
Max: I hope to become CAO. (A kind of swimming competition)
MC: That’s the thing that I’m good in~
Max: Really?
MC: Really ya, I teach you some items.
Max: (Applause) That’s great!
MC: Because my friend teaches me, that’s why it then succeed. Very strict. During swimming, you need to warm up first. Your body must have sufficient preparations.
Max: Although I know how to swim, but I’m not very good in butterfly style. I wish that I can swim well in butterfly style.
MC: Butterfly style ah, the demands of your shoulder strength and flexibility of your waist are very high.
Max: Yes, the demands are very high.
MC: Yup, the demands are very high. So you shall learn butterfly style this year! You need to work hard this year!
Max: Yes.
MC: That one you can’t perform.
Max: Yes. You say must be personal.
MC: So, this time round the test will be “Are you a good man?”. Jaejoong have also done a related questions discussion, so you understand the rules?
Max: Yes.
MC: Therefore, please talk about would you feel happy if you got something from a girl’s hand? You’ve got something that you always wanted from a girl and how a guy should imply to let the girl understand that she have give the right thing. Please say
something. You all were dating on a freezing day. The place where you’re waiting at is the dating venue and the girl finally arrived. What should you say after you all have met?
Max: Say something which is cold. She is my girlfriend right?
MC: Right.
Max: Because she’s my girlfriend, so the things that I wanted to say would be the same as normally.
MC: Really?
Max: Really.
MC: I think it should be okay if you say it in this way. I wonder what will happen if you do that. Everyone would think that it’s a good answer. She gives you a hand-woven sweater on your birthday. Hand-woven, understand?
Max: Hand-woven?
Max: Oh, I understand.
MC: You thanked your girlfriend after receiving the sweater she gives. But you found out that the sweater is a bit small and your girlfriend shown a what-should-she-do expression. So at this time please present some gentle man.
Max: Recently I’ve become fatter, this really reminded me, so good. Anyway, I will say something to let her feel at ease.
MC: How about expression?
Max: I will show that I’m okay with it.
MC: Changmin is really a good man!
Max: Haha.
MC: Next question. A failure thing, you’ve mixed up your current girlfriend’s and ex girlfriend’s name, so what will you do at this time?
Max: Oh.. Ah.. Make a mistake of her name.
MC: For example, you called Yumiko to Midori, but Yumiko is your ex girlfriend’s name.
Max: This is really no way, it makes people feel so awkward.
MC: It’s really awkward.
Max: Really awkward. Haha. This is a bit wrong. I’ll pay attention to it.
MC: You’ll pay attention to it. How about after that?
Max: This is definitely not going to work. If it really happens, a breakup would definitely occur in the end.
MC: You’ve met a girl that you really like her very much and in your heart, there’s only her. She hopes to listen to some romantic words, so what will you say?
Max: To her, doing such thing might be a bit insignificant. I think singing would be better. I would tell her that I will only sing for her in the future.
MC: Yeah~ Excellent!
MC: This is the most popular thing among the girls now. What will you sing?
Max: Ya~ Confession songs, yup, Fukuyama Masaharu’s “Milk Tea”.
MC: Yup, please sing it for us.
Max: (Singing)
Max: This the best time to sing this.
MC: Yes. So we shall calculate the score now. 100 marks!
Max: Bravo. My love. Year.
MC: Same as what Jaejoong has expected.
Max: Ya~! Jaejoong has expected it?
MC: Yes. Today’s feeling must be great because of getting the 1st. Lastly, we shall sent up Tohoshinki’s song. What is Changmin’s favourite song beside “Bolero”?
Max: I hope everyone will have a happy winter vacation, sent up “Forever Love”.
MC: Thank you for coming today~

Japanese Translated: 吉田,四是布,87, 沈小man
Chinese Translated: Jaesica
Board: qiu qiu
Credits: OurMax沈昌珉中国后援站 + SO学会爱 @ TVXQBaidu + fangirlmitz
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