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[Vid] 090406 Tohoshinki - Asahi TV Ontama

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1 [Vid] 090406 Tohoshinki - Asahi TV Ontama on 8th April 2009, 11:09 pm

When they asked Jaejoong, it’s Yunho who gave the answer?? and Junsu laughted lol

credit: DBxToho

YH: Cold person. His stare was like this *imitates*.
JS: Yes, yes. That’s exactly the feeling.

JJ: I envied him.
YH: Oh?
JJ: He was a background dancer and rapper for an artiste. But I didn’t envy him because he was featured as a rapper for the artiste, but his hairstyle at that time. ^^
YH: Ahh. My hair.
JS: *laughs like a hyena& ^^

JJ: Because the company told us that we had a member arriving from the States, so the 4 of us were looking forward to it.
But the first time we met Yoochun, he looked like a Chinese action star.

JJ: Oh he was cute!
JS: Like an angel!
JJ: And now Changmin’s like *imitates*

YH: Just like his name suggests, he is pure.
JJ: He was a bit uptight now.
JS: Ahh, so now I’ve become kind?
JJ: And now you’re the other meaning of kitsui. (I’m not sure what the other meaning is?)

credits: yunjaeislove@YT

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