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U-Know silently looked at the sky. He was sitting at the same spot that he and Lora sat on several days ago. . . . Just a few days ago, he was holding Lora in his arms. And now . . . .now. . . .He immediately looked down . . . .his attention focused on the swimming pool. . . . .he suddenly remembered that day that Lora wanted to take a swim together with the other girls.

U-Know shook his head. Everything was reminding him of Lora. He just can't stop thinking about her.

Five days have already passed, since she disappeared. The blood on the jacket was already confirmed as Lora's. But he still couldn't believe . . . .his heart wouldn't believe that Lora was dead. He still has hope that somehow Lora is still alive. . . .somewhere. How his heart aches just thinking that maybe right at that exact moment Lora was suffering somewhere.

Thinking about Lora was driving him and. He knows that the other DBSK members were already worried sick about him. But he couldn't help it. He couldn't stop thinking about Lora.

During the last five days, Jonathan had already hired several men to look fir his sister. He also sent out posters and announcements on radio and tv stations regarding his missing sister. He had also announced a large amount of money as a reward to whoever finds Lora. But even the men that Jonathan hired believe that Lora might really be dead. Jonathan had somehow accepted the truth.

But U-Know couldn't . . .he just couldn't.

Slowly tears started to from in U-Know' eyes. If he could only turn back time. He blames himself for what happened to Lora. If he hadn't been rough on her . . .maybe non of this would have happened. It was his fault. . . . and there was nothing he can do now to return Lora to him.

Slowly the tears started to fall one by one. He couldn't stop himself. How he missed Lora. How he wished she was still beside her. How he wished he could still hug her . . . .and kiss her.

U-Know started to cry uncontrollably. How he wished he would just die. Nothing matters to him anymore . . . .again he cried.

From one of the balconies facing the garden, Xiah Jaejoong, Micky and Max watched silently as their friend cried.

“Do you still think we should show him the video?” Max asked the other DBSK members.

“Yes, we should. It will be his last memory of her . . . .” Xiah answered.

“He has eaten so little these passed few days. How can we return to Japan if he's like that?” Jaejoong asked.

“We just have to help him, I guess. He's in so much pain right now. We should just give him some time and space to think and accept everything that has happened,” Micky said.

“It's been five days . . . . .Do you still think that there is still a possibility that Lora is still alive?” Max asked the others.

“Frankly . . . .I think there isn't any chance anymore that she's still alive. If she's still alive . . . .she would have contacted her brother by now,” Micky said.

“Jonathan has been very torn up as well. He has constantly been searching through hospitals all over Seoul,” Jaejoong commented.

“If it was my sister that went missing, I would certainly be doing the same thing right now . . .” Max said with a sad tone.

“Do you know that he has already raised the reward money for whomever finds Lora?” Xiah asked the others.

“Really? He really loves his sister so much,” Jaejoong said with a sigh. He was feeling very sad for both U-Know and Jonathan.

“Yeah . . . .the last I heard was he has raised it to 500 million won,” Max answered.

“I am really very sad for both Jonathan and U-Know . . . .” Jaejoong said again.

“And don't forget Kyle . . . . .He's been totally out of sleep for the passed few days . . . . I am really worried about him too,” Max said.

“Kyle is pretty torn up too, I guess . . . .Lora has been his friend for six years . . . .and now all of a sudden she's gone . . . .” Xiah said sadly.

The DBSK boys were all very sad. Everyone in the house were very affected by what happened to Lora. Soo-Min immediately left, two days after the accident. She somehow blamed herself for what happened to Lora. She was very sorry and even apologized to Jonathan and Nan-Hee.

It was already lunch time. Everybody were already seated at the table. But none of them wanted to eat. Somehow they were all waiting and expecting someone to come into the dining room and greet them.

“Hyung . . . . .you should try and eat. You too Jonathan . . . .Kyle . . . .” Max said with concern.

“U-Know we're going back to Japan tomorrow. How can we go back if you're like that?” Jaejoong asked.

U-Know just silently stared at the food in front of him. He didn't want to talk with anyone.
He was tired . . . .tired of everything.

“I'm not hungry . . .I'll be in my room,” U-Know said as he slowly stood up.

The other DBSK members just looked at him with pity in their eyes.

“Hyung . . . .I hope you won't mind but I placed a video in your cell phone. Soo-Min gave the video to me . . . .and asked me to give it to you . . . .” Max said.

U-Know looked at Max. “Thank you . . . . I will look at it later.”

Once inside his room, U-Know started to remember Lora again. He started to everything that happened on the day that she disappeared. U-Know couldn't stand it any longer. He wanted to die. He wanted to be with Lora . . . .even in death.

Then his phone rang. He immediately picked up his phone and answered the call.

“I love you . . . .” a voice said on the other end of the line. It was Lora's voice.

“Lora . . . .Hello! Hello! Lora . . . .” U-Know shouted.

He immediately searched for the number that called him. But there was no record of any call made to his cell phone.

U-Know slowly sat down beside his bed. He was going insane . . . .he thought. Then he remembered what Max told him.

He searched his phone for the video that Max said. After a few minutes . . . he was already watching it. It was taken a day before Lora disappeared.

U-Know silently watched. His heart was slowly breaking into pieces. While he was watching the video . . . .his tears started to fall again one by one.

“Lora . . . . .”

He carefully took out the note Lora gave him six years ago. He started to read it . . . .he read it over and over again.

“I promise . . . .I will wait for you . . . . No matter how long it takes,” U-Know said as tears kept on flowing from his eyes.

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A year later . . . . .

“Come on guys . . . .get ready to go on stage in fifteen minutes,” one of the crew told the DBSK boys while they were in the dressing room.

“We haven't had a concert here in Korea for over a year now . . . .” Xiah said with excitement.

“We should do our best to make this concert a very memorable one . . . .” Jaejoong added.

Then they noticed U-Know sitting in a corner. He was eating something . . . . .

“He's eating chocolates again,” Max suddenly exclaimed.

“Just leave him alone,” Jaejoong said.

“He's always eating chocolates . . . . .and he doesn't even share . . . .” Max commented.

“We won't be able to stop him from eating chocolates everyday . . . .like we also can't stop him from remembering Lora everyday,” Jaejoong said with a sigh.

“It's already a year . . . .and he still can't forget her,” Micky said.

“That's true love . . . .I wonder when I will find my own true love . . . .” Max said as if day dreaming.

“Our baby boy is already dreaming about love,” Xiah teased.

Micky and Jaejoong laughed.

Then a staff member suddenly came in . . . .

“Hey guys! I don't know if I should be doing this . . . .but and old lady just gave me this box of chocolates and asked me to give it to U-Know,” the man said.

“Really? An old lady? So even old people are starting to have a crush on U-know now?' Xiah asked jokingly.

Jaejoong took the box from the crew member and thanked him.

U-Know suddenly approached Jaejoong and looked at the box of chocolates he was holding.

“Another box of chocolates to eat . . . .Good! The one in my bag is almost empty,” U-Know said with a smile. He had somehow finally recovered after several months of trying to deny the fact that Lora was gone.

U-Know was still very responsible even during the time he was mourning the lost of Lora. He still tried to act normal and perform happily in front of their fans. But once he was off the stage and off the camera, all the sadness and pain would return and be visible in his eyes.

The other DBSK members admired U-Know for his professionalism and his strength in dealing with his current situation. He was truly a remarkable leader. How the boys wished that U-know would finally be able to move on with his life.

Jaejoong gave the box of chocolates to U-Know.

“Open it! Then I can eat some before we go on stage . . . .” Max said with a smile.

U-Know laughed. “Okay . . . .”

“Hey! We can't just eat anything . . . .you know what our manager said about eating and drinking gift items from fans,” Micky warned U-Know and Max.

“What can they possibly do to chocolates? And besides it's just one small piece . . .” Max said with a smile.

U-Know noticed that there was a small note attached to the box. He immediately opened it and read it.


I know you'll be very tired after the concert so I'm giving you this box of chocolates to help regain your strength.

Always take care of yourself.

A caring fan

U-Know froze. The penmanship was very familiar. It was Lora's handwriting. He quickly ran out of the dressing room. He searched for the crew member who gave him the box of chocolates.

“Who gave you the box of chocolates?” U-Know asked the crew member.

“An old lady . . . .why?” the man asked.

“Was she with anyone else?” U-Know asked again.

“Yes . . .there was a young girl with her,” the man replied.

“What did the girl look like?' U-Know asked.

“Uhm . . . . The girl was very beautiful, with long hair . . . .maybe 5'8 in height . . .” the man said.

“Where? Where did they go? Did you see where they went?” U-Know asked impatiently.

“Sorry . . .I don't know. After they gave the box of chocolates. They immediately left,” the man answered.

The other DBSK boys had followed U-Know.

“Hyung . . .what's wrong?” Max asked.

“Lora . . . .Lora was here,” U-Know replied.

“Lora? U-Know she's dead . . . .She's been dead for a year now . . . .” Micky said.

“No! She's not dead . . .She was here. The box of chocolates had a note. And it was her handwriting . . . .I'm sure of it . . . . Lora wrote that note,” U-Know said.

“Hyung . . . .” Max and Xiah both uttered.

“I have to go out . . . .I have to look for her. Maybe she's still outside,” u-Know said as if he was out of his mind.

The other DBSk members all looked at each other. Then they all looked at U-Know. They suddenly became very worried for their friend.

“You can't go out now. Our concert is going to start in a few minutes,” Jaejoong reminded U-Know.

“I have to find her,” U-Know repeatedly said.

“Snap out of it U-Know! Lora's dead! And no matter what you do . . . .She's never coming back. Just accept the truth please . . . .” Micky shouted.

U-know suddenly looked at his friends. Maybe they were right. He should accept the truth. Lora was gone . . . .and she wasn't coming back to him.

“Okay . . . .get ready . . .on stage in three minutes . . . .” one of the crew shouted.

“Come on . . . .it's about to start,” Xiah said to the other DBSK members.

Silently U-Know just followed his friends. He told himself that he should try to pull himself together. He had to concentrate. They had a concert to perform.

“Okay . . . .guys . . . .Good luck!”

“On stage in one . . . .two . . . .three . . . .go!”

U-Know tried to put on a smile. He had to smile . . . .even though he wanted to cry. He had to smile . . . . even though he was already dying inside.

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The DBSK members all went on stage with smiles on their faces. Then they started to sing. They were already singing “You Only Love” when something caught U-Know' eyes.

A very familiar face . . . .someone very familiar was watching them. U-Know' heart started beating very fast. Was he seeing things? He asked himself.

The other DBSK members noticed that U-Know was looking at a specific direction. They all tried to look at whatever he was looking at. And they were all shocked.

It was Lora . . . .She was standing right in front of them. She wasn't dead.

The other DBSK boys all looked at U-know. He had already stopped singing. There already was a loud confusion in the crowd. They were all surprised that U-Know stopped singing. He was just staring straight at Lora.

Unexpectedly, U-Know hurriedly went down the stage. All the fans screamed. There was a big commotion. U-Know directly went to where Lora was.

Once he was in front of her, U-Know still couldn't believe that she was in front of him now. Lora was still staring straight at him.

The spotlights suddenly centered on U-Know and Lora. Somehow the whole world started to spin. They were the only ones important now. U-Know didn't care about anything else but having Lora back in his arms again.

Slowly U-Know walked up to Lora. They were already face to face. Lora gazed straight into U-know's eyes. There was a lot of things that she couldn't remember. But somehow looking at him . . . . and staring straight into his eyes. She felt something very familiar about him. She felt like she could stand and look at his eyes forever. She didn't know why . . . . . but all she could think about was the love she could see in his eyes.

“Lora . . . .” U-Know uttered.

U-Know suddenly pulled Lora into his arms. Having Lora in his arms again was the most special feeling he had ever had in his whole life. Now he finally felt complete after a very long time. He wasn't going to let her go again. He would always be by her side from now on.

Lora didn't understand why but being in his arms was bringing her such a feeling of happiness she had never felt before. In his arms . . . .she felt happiness . . . .she felt safe . . . . she felt complete . . . she felt she belonged . . . .she felt love.

“From now on . . . . I'll never let you go,” U-Know uttered.

Infront of hundreds of fans . . . . .U-Know slowly kissed Lora's forehead . . . then her left eye . . . then her right eye . . . . then the tip of her nose . . . then her left cheek . . . then her right cheek . . . the lastly her lips.

Once their lips met, a roaring scream of hundreds of fans echoed throughout the entire stadium. But to U-Know and Lora . . . .it was as if the whole world had stopped. Lora's memories started coming back to her one by one . . . .flashes of memories of her time with U-Know . . . .the man she loved.

U-Know hugged Lora tighter. His tender kiss deepened as time moved on. And he wasn't going to let this chance pass by again. He had missed her for a very long time. It was time he showed her how much he truly loved her.

U-Know suddenly stopped kissing Lora, and looked at her again. Then he hurriedly held her hand and lead her out of the stadium.

Lora had finally returned to him. And he had already decided . . . .no matter what happens he will never let her go . . . .ever again.

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A month later . . . .

In Jonathan's home in Seoul . . . .

A lot of people were already waiting for the wedding to start.

Xiah, Jaejoong, Micky, Max and U-Know were patiently waiting as well.

“Among all of us . . . .who would have thought that U-Know would be the first to get married?” Xiah asked jokingly.

“Yeah . . . .I always thought that Micky and you would be the first one to get married,” Max answered jokingly as well.

“I still can't believe I'm finally going to marry Lora,” U-Know said with a smile.

“Well . . . .better believe it. And a small piece of advice . . . .next time the two of you fight . . .make sure you don't lose your temper,” Jaejoong said with a smile.

U-Know laughed. “The next time? I don't think there will be a next time. But if by chance, that will ever happen again . . . .I would certainly first make sure that the whole house is locked so she won't be able to get out. I don't want to lose her ever again.”

The other DBSK members laughed, then looked at U-Know. They could see and feel the love and happiness he was experiencing right at that exact moment. They were all very happy for their friend.

A new and bright day was finally going to start for their friend. He was going to share the succeeding wonderful days of his life with the one and only girl he had ever loved.

“Has Mr. and Mrs. Lee arrived yet?” Jaejoong suddenly asked.

“Yes, they have. They are already with Jonathan and the others,” U-Know answered.

“I still can't believe that the police still can't find the guy who hit Lora," Max said as he shook his head.

“They say they don't have any lead and any other clues as to who the criminal is. So it will be very difficult to find him now . . .” Xiah said.

“Let's just be thankful that the criminal was still kind enough to bring Lora to Dr. Lee's house,” Micky said.

“Yes . . .Lora's very lucky indeed,” Jaejoong said.

“Mr. And Mrs. Lee were sure very nice to take care of Lora for more than a year . . . . while she had amnesia,” Max said with a smile.

“Yes . . . they are very nice people. And I will forever be grateful to both of them. Without them, Lora would have died . . . .And without Lora, I will never be this happy,” U-Know said with a smile.

After a few more minutes, everybody finally started to get ready. The wedding was about to start.

Xiah, Jaejoong, Micky and Max started to sing “Forever Love". When Lora finally appeared, everyone marvelled at how beautiful she was. As she approached U-Know . . . .U-Know's heart kept on pounding. He couldn't believe that he was finally going to marry Lora. He couldn't explain what he was feeling. He was very happy and thankful. He was going to spend the rest of his life with the most beautiful woman he had ever met . . . the only one he had ever loved and will only love.

He promised to himself that he would spend his life making her happy, and he was never going to make her cry ever again.

The wedding finally ended with U-Know kissing Lora very passionately as everyone clapped and cheered the newly weds.

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U-Know looked at the locket on the table. Lora had worn it today . . . .on their wedding. He slowly took out the note from his wallet and placed it beside the locket. Then he remembered something else and smiled. He hurriedly took out the box of chocolates he had asked Jaejoong to buy for him. And he also placed it beside the note and the locket.

Lora had just come out of the shower. And she noticed U-Know looking at something.

“What are you looking at?” she asked.

“Take a look . . . . “ U-Know said with a sweet smile.

Lora hurriedly went to U-Know' side. And she looked at what was laid out on the table. She picked up the note and read it.

Lora smiled. Then he looked at U-Know.

“You kept my note?” she asked him.

“Yes . . . .just like you kept my locket . . . .” U-Know answered.

“And the chocolates?” she asked him again.

“During the time you weren't by my side, I always ate chocolates whenever I felt tired or sad and whenever I am missing you,” U-Know answered.

Lora didn't know what to say. She was so touched. Tears started to form in her eyes.

“Why? Why are you crying? Did I do something wrong?” U-Know asked with concern, as he wiped away Lora's tears with his hand.

“No . . .you didn't do anything wrong . . . . I am crying . . . .because I am so happy. I never thought I could ever be this happy . . . .Thank you . . . .Thank you . . . .for loving me . . . .for waiting for me . . . .”

“I should be the one thanking you. I have done so many hurtful things to you, but you still loved me. I promise I'll do my best to make you happy. And no matter what happens . . . .I will always be by your side. Thank you for entering my life and being my wife . . . .” U-Know said with love in his eyes.

Lora looked into U-Know' eyes. Lora could finally see the love she had been dreaming of since she was a little girl.

U-Know slowly kissed Lora . . . .He had been dreaming about this moment for a very long time. U-Know's kiss was very gentle and sweet at first. But as time passed, his kiss deepened and became more passionate. He couldn't stop himself anymore. He slowly untied Lora's robe. And within seconds, he was already carrying her to their bed.

He gently laid Lora on the bed, and he started to kiss her again. Lora kissed U-Know passionately as well. She had also been dreaming of making love to him. She loved him with all her heart.

Now that she was his wife. She can finally give herself to him without any hesitation. She belonged to him now . . . .and he belonged to her.

There was nothing stopping them now. They could finally express their true feelings for each other.

As U-Know made to Lora. He could feel her heart beating very fast. U-Know felt he was the happiest man in the world. He was finally making love to the only girl he has ever given his heart to. And from now on, he was going to show her and make her feel how much he loved her . . . .every night . . . . every day . . . .for the rest of their lives.

“Good morning!” Lora said as she kissed U-Know on the forehead.

“Morning already? Come back to bed. . . .” U-Know said.

“Come on . . . .You promised me we were going out today,” Lora said with a smile.

“Okay . . . .” U-Know replied with a smile.

“Before you get out of bed . . . .Here take this . . .” Lora said as she hurriedly pushed a piece of chocolate into U-Know's mouth. She was sitting beside him on the bed.

“Chocolate? Why so early in the morning?” U-Know asked as he started to chew the chocolate.

“Well . . . .I just thought that since we are going out today . . . .You're going to be very tired so I just wanted to give you the chocolate in advance . . .” Lora answered with a sweet smile.

U-Know felt touched by what Lora said. He was truly very lucky.

“Since it's too early to go out . . . . Why don't we just stay here and do something else?” U-Know asked.

“Like what?” Lora asked innocently.

U-Know suddenly hugged Lora and drew her close. Then he kissed the tip of her nose.

“Do you really have to ask what I want to do?” U-Know asked with a naughty smile.

“U-Know . . . . .It's already morning . . . .Aren't you tired yet?” Lora said with a naughty smile as well.

“No . . . . I'll never get tired of making love to you. Come here . . . I want to hug you. . . .” U-Know said with a devilish smile.

“No! Catch me first!” Lora said with a laugh. She quickly jumped out of bed avoiding U-Know's hand.

“Here I come . . . . . I am gonna catch you and then I'm going to tie you to the bed so you can't get away from me . . . .” U-Know said while laughing.

U-Know ran after Lora. They happily ran around the room chasing and laughing at one another. They were like children playing. U-Know and Lora were both very happy. They were going to spend the rest of their lives together. And they have promised each other while they were making love the night before that they will always be by each other's side no matter what happens . . . . Guiding . . . . Taking care . . . . Understanding . . . . Supporting . . . . . Protecting . . . . And loving each other until the end of time.........

>>>>>>>>>>>>THE END<<<<<<<<<<<<

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