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My first fanfiction "Breaking Facade"

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1 My first fanfiction "Breaking Facade" on 12th April 2009, 1:24 am

Chapter 1
“Jin!” Eve exclaimed upon seeing her best friend in the airport.

Eve had been sitting in the airport for the whole afternoon, waiting for her. Seeing her again in Korea was an unspeakable happiness for Eve.

For Eve, Jin was always part of her life since the day both of them became best friends. Eve had a calm and quiet character. She tended to bottle every feelings and thoughts to herself instead of speaking them out loud. However to Jin, it was a surprise that she could speak her mind out to her. Jin gave her a feeling of reassurance, a feeling that she had never experienced ever in her life before.

Her life was miserable for all she knew. Her biological parents left her when she was just 5 due to a car accident. She was adopted into a wealthy family that owed a huge business in the economic industry. Her so-called friends in school were all attracted to her status and wealth of her family. She could not love and she could not trust. She put on a perfect facade everyday and everywhere she went even in her own house, with her parents.

She wanted to act happy, she didn’t want to show her feelings out because she believed that it would only bought worries to her parents and she didn’t want that. Her parents were very worried for her as they could see the sadness behind those light-hazel eyes of hers. It was when Jin entered her life as a true friend, a true loving sister... Life was bought back into Eve. Eve was all happy and all smiling again like the little angel years ago.

“Aigo, my cute little Eve! How glad am I to see you again!” Jin hugged her back, returning the warm embrace.

“I’m glad to see you too, Sister. Please come over my house first. I’m sure the trip from home to Korea is really tiring.” Eve broke the embrace and said.

“Ah, that cute little Eve I once knew had grown up!” Jin ruffled her hair and giggled.

“Sister, that isn’t nice. C’mon, it’s getting late and I bet you’re dead hungry!” Eve pouted and said as she held Jin’s hand and pulled her to start her walking towards the exit of the airport.

Eve helped Jin to carry her luggage and went into the taxi that she had called for earlier. A smile never left Eve’s face even since she caught the first sight of Jin in the airport. She felt that now her world was completed with Jin, the one and only missing piece.

Chapter 2
“Whoa, what’s that delicious scent? Are you cooking something, Eve?” Jin asked while tasting the scent which led her to the kitchen.

“Ah yes, Jin. I’m preparing your dinner. I bet you didn’t eat anything on your way here. Plane food isn’t that tasty for you right?” Eve said politely to Jin while busy cooking her favourite spaghetti.

“Omo, really? You’re the best little sister I ever have! Any guy who marries you will be able to claim the title of ‘The luckiest man on earth’!” Jin said, laughing away.

“Jin... You know something like that will never happen.”

“Oh c’mon Eve! No every man on this planet is like that guy back home! You’ll have a better life in Korea. And I truly believe that you’ll meet your prince charming here!” Jin joked to change the topic as she knew this conversation would make Eve upset.

“I hope what you said is true... Maybe...” Eve drifted off as her thoughts carried her back into the past.

-Flashback 3 years ago-
“Hey Jin, look! This new cafe is so beautiful! Can we go in and grab a cup of mocha, please?” Eve begged with puppy eyes.

“Ah, that. Oh, alright! Look how desperate are you.” Jin sighed. Jin knew how much Eve loved the overwhelming scent of coffee in the air of a cafe. Jin also knew that Eve could not resist any cafe that was beautifully built. And any cafe that sold mocha, it was Eve’s greatest weakness.

“Wait Jin!” Eve pulled Jin back, quickly took out her camera and snapped a picture of the pretty cafe that was in front of her. “Yes, that was a nice shot.”

Jin shook her head and pulled Eve on the hand.

“Let’s go. We still have to rush our project once we get home.”

“Yes madam!” Eve giggled on her way in by getting pulled by Jin.

-In the cafe-
“Wow, isn’t this awesome? Just smell the overwhelming coffee scent and I’m already in heaven!” Eve said in awe.

The cafe walls were painted in bronze brown and there was a relaxing atmosphere all around the spacious cafe with the small sofas arranged nicely. It was Eve’s haven. The coffee scent occupied the whole cafe, bringing a sweet tickling shiver to your tummy.

Everything in the cafe was so perfect for Eve.

“I know that, Eve. You don’t have to say it again and again.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Nah, it’s alright! C’mon, let’s get some mocha for you dear.”

On their way to the counter, Eve saw this couple kissing in the corner. Envy came upon her as she remembered the times spent with Kim Bum during their first date.

I wonder where Kim Bum is right now... And what is he doing... Eve thought as she continued looking blankly at the kissing couple.

“Oppa, there’s someone looking at our direction. It seems like she knows you or something.” The girl looked up as she noticed Eve standing there, staring at them.

“Who is that...........?” Kim Bum drifted off from his sentence as he noticed Eve standing there. He was shocked to see Eve here in this cafe.

Eve saw the face of her boyfriend there after kissing the girl intimately. She felt something weird stirring in her stomach, it was very uncomfortable. Her vision became blurry as tears began to form in her eyes. She bit her lower lips to stop herself from tears that were about to roll down her angelic face.

“Eve? Eve, are you alright? What are you looking at? Who is ...........” Jin stared at Eve’s direction and trailed off.

Immediately after Jin spoke, Eve turned and walked out of the cafe calmly. She knew that if she were to run, tears will fall and that was the last thing she wanted. Once she was out of the cafe, she continued walking and walking and walking aimlessly until she heard of a familiar voice.

“Wait up Eve!” Jin and Kim Bum both shouted.

Chapter 3
Kim Bum held Eve’s hand while Jin was standing right beside her. Jin was feeling uneasy. She didn’t want anything to hurt that little heart of Eve. She didn’t want sadness to fill Eve again but she stood beside Eve and let Kim Bum talked.

“Eve, I’m sorry of what you’ve seen just now. I guess it’s time for me to tell you the truth. I don’t want to hurt you neither I want to be the jerk.” Kim Bum explained in a gentle tone, making sure Eve listening to every word that he said. When Eve nodded, he continued.

“Eve, I’m sorry to say but we’re breaking up. I love Min-jee too much. I can’t give her up right now. I know I’m not being fair to you but this is how life goes. When love comes, there’s nothing you can do to change it or to fight it. I hope you’ll understand and look at this situation at my point of view.” Kim Bum explained with his eyes looking down.

“Oh, I see. But do I have the rights to know something?” Eve asked. She was still in control of her emotions. She didn’t want to let Kim Bum see the weak side of her. She did not want pity from him.

“Okay. What is it that you want to know?” Kim Bum said after much hesitation.

“You said you are madly in love with her. Then why in the first place you said you love me and wanted to be with me?” Eve questioned with a calm tone.

“Hmm, you see Eve. You come from a wealthy family but I don’t. Min-jee’s mother is down with tumour in her brain. She came to me and asked me to help because if her mother doesn’t get an operation, she’ll die. I couldn’t resist standing there by her side and doing nothing. Seeing her tears... it makes me.......” Kim Bum with his head bowed down could not continue what he was talking.

“So you came to me and said you love me, you want to be with me was all an excuse? It’s an excuse to take money from me to treat her mother? So all along I was just an ATM machine to you?” Eve broke the silence between them.

“I’m sorry.” Kim Bum apologised.

“Oh, okay. I’m glad you told me the truth. Don’t worry, I’ll understand you. I do hope her mother gets well soon. I’ll be going now. Goodbye.” Eve forced a smile on her lips and turned away as quickly as possible before her tears rolled down.

She started walking again aimlessly... It was heart-wrenching for Jin to see Eve reacted this way. She knew that Eve was trying to numb herself again, trying not to look like as if she cared.

She caught up with Eve easily and grabbed her by the hand. She held Eve’s hand tightly and squeezed her hand in a form to tell Eve that she would always be there for her.
After hours of walking, Eve and Jin came across a park and stopped there. Eve knew that she could not hold back her tears anymore. Immediately, she sat down on the bench by the side and put her head in between her knees. She started to sob... Tears started to drop.

Jin sat down just beside her, patting her on her shoulder. She was glad in a way that Eve was finally letting the tears out. She didn’t like Eve bottling everything inside; she wanted Eve to let out her sadness. Unknowingly, Jin gave Eve a hug and held her there, patting her head which was on her shoulder now.

Eve was letting out every bit of sadness that was in her. She could not understand what she was feeling at this point of time. It was not like the same when she saw her parents deceased with her own eyes. It was not the same feeling----it was a feeling of betrayal.
-End of flashback-

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2 Re: My first fanfiction "Breaking Facade" on 12th April 2009, 1:27 am

Chapter 4
“Aigo, your cooking skills has improved a lot, Eve! I guess I’ll never die of starvation as long as you’re here.” Jin complimented on the spaghetti Eve made for her.

“Hahaha, Jin! You’re still as easygoing with food as usual.” Eve teased.

“Taking things lightly and looking at things in a positive manner is always my trait.” Jin said in a proud manner.

“Yeah, any guy who falls in love with you will achieve the title ‘The luckiest man on planet earth’.” Eve quoted jokingly.

“Oh... looks like our Eve here knows how to joke already! I see great potential in you!” Jin said with a strong smell of sarcasm.

“I got nothing to say. As usual, you win!” Eve puffed her cheeks and walked to her room.

Once Eve turned and walked off, Jin jumped up from the couch and followed her in. Jin dived into the big white mattress in the centre of the spacious room.

Aigo, Eve’s room is so like her. Every little detail of this room speaks a story about her. Jin thought in her mind.

Eve had her room walls painted in bronze brown and tiny stripes of dark red. The tiny stripes of dark red looked like stains on the walls but yet, they were beautiful. The bronze brown that Eve used to paint her room was a warm colour. The colour warmed up hearts once you stepped in the room.

Eve got her wavy curtains in a dark shade of red, bringing out the true elegance of the room. Her bed was in white and huge. It was the only contrast in the room; however, it brought a mysterious feeling to people.

Those stains, beautiful stain... Jin thought to herself.

“Jin, Jin? Come back to planet earth already.” Eve whispered into Jin’s ear while shaking her.

“Eh?” Jin replied as her thoughts were broken off.

“A penny for your thoughts?” Eve asked, wanting to pry.

“Ah, nothing. I’m just daydreaming away.” Jin replied, not wanting Eve to know about what she was thinking about.

“Oh. C’mon Jin. Let’s go to bed already. It’s late and I’m tired. There’re tons to do tomorrow.”

“Okay. Goodnight, my beloved sister.” Jin said as she rested beside Eve on the huge bed.

“Nitey to you too!” Eve replied in a lovely tone.

*Lights off*

Idea Hey readers, wondering what's the stains right? The stains are bad memories left in Eve's mind. Those painful memories that she doesn't want to remember. Now do you get it? What a Face

Chapter 5
Eve blinked a few times to get used to the warm sunlight escaping into the room through the curtains. Beside her, Jin was still deep in sleep. Eve giggled after looking at Jin’s sleeping face. Jin’s sleeping face looked like an innocent angel that was deep in sleep.

Any guy that seen her sleep surely will fall deeply in love with her... I wonder why till now she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Hmm, maybe her expectations are way too high. Eve thought while looking at Jin.

Eve went out of her bed and took her towel. She pushed the door knob down lightly, avoiding the slightest sound that would wake Jin up. It was still early and Eve wanted to let Jin sleep after her tiring travel yesterday as she knew that Jin did not get a good sleep on the plane.

Eve went out of the room, tiptoeing till she reached the bathroom. She washed up and got herself into clean and nice clothing. Not long after Eve got out of the bathroom, Jin woke up, rubbing her eyes.

“Good morning! It’s a nice day today!” Eve greeted her sister with the sweetest tone of the morning.

“Ah, good morning. Your bed is real comfortable to sleep on!” Jin yawned and said with a smile on her sleepy face.

“Now sister, go wash up and I’ll prepare breakfast. A light one okay?”

“Sure! Whatever you cook, I’ll love it.”

“Haha, I know you’re not picky when it comes to food.”

“Of course, your sister’s trait is taking things easy-”

“And lightly. I know that, sister. You’re turning into a grandmother.” Eve interrupted Jin with a smirk.

“Yes, I’m glad you know that. And please, not that I want to nag... It’s just that you’re not taking my words into consideration!” Jin snarled.

“Sister, you do know that these things need time... I need time.” Eve replied in a softer tone than usual.

“I’m sorry, Eve. I shouldn’t be so harsh.” Jin apologised.

“No, sister. It’s my fault. I should learn on how to let go of the past. Let bygones be bygones.” Eve admitted, lowering her head.

“Oh c’mon, don’t let this thing ruin our perfect and first official morning together!” Jin gave
Eve a tight hug before making her way to the bathroom.

Eve smiled as she headed to the kitchen. She always knew that Jin was there for her whenever she was feeling down or feeling happy. Jin was there to share weal and woes with her. Eve really appreciated everything that Jin had done for her. She did not want to disappoint Jin, which was when she started taking Jin’s words into consideration.

I guess I really should let Kim Bum go like what I told Jin just now. Sister, I promised you that I’ll try but no promises made of me really able to let my past go. Eve told herself in a serious thought.

Chapter 6
“You look gorgeous, Eve!” Jin complimented her with both eyes wide opened.

“You too, Jin. You should really look at yourself more in the mirror.” Eve commented with a little blush on her cheeks.

Eve was wearing a simple yellow tank-top and a pair of straight-cut jeans that made her slim figure stand out even more, showing the contrast of her dark red long wavy hair. She put on a nude make-up which allowed her perfect features to shine out beyond perfection. A little eye-liner on the eye made the whole make-up perfect and made her perfect as well.

Whereas for Jin, she had her favourite white dolled-like short dress on which matched with her grey socking, showing her flawless line of her body. She put on a thin layer of foundation power which smoothed her skin and just by adding a little blush on her cheeks, she was angelic.

“Alright, we’re done flattering each other. Let’s go now.” Eve said as she put on her elegant black heels.

“Hey, you haven’t tell me where our destination is.” Jin demanded as she put on her dolly white heels.

“Oh, eventually you’ll find out once we reached there.” Eve shot Jin an angelic smile.

“Oh well, I guess I’m left with no choice but to follow you.” Jin pouted, following behind Eve.

-Outside the shopping mall-

“Oh gosh, Eve! This mall... this mall is gigantic!” Jin broke out in excitement.

Eve just gave a smile as a reply to Jin’s expected excitement. Eve was happy that she chose the right place for Jin. She wanted Jin to enjoy all her time here in Korea and it had been long since she spent quality time with Jin.

“Jin, I’m glad that you like it. I spend days deciding where to go.” Eve shook her head, remembering the sleepless nights she endured.

“That’s so nice of you, eve!” Jin quickly gave Eve a tight big embrace which acted like a thank-you to Eve.

Eve smiled ever wider and returned the hug given. She knew that whenever her sister felt happy, she would felt the same way too. She wanted today to be an unforgettable day for both of them. She wanted this day to be engraved into her memories.

“Why are we standing here and hugging when we can spend this time walking around, shopping?” Eve giggled.

“Oh, true.” Jin blushed and released Eve.

“C’mon sister, let us enjoy the day together.” Eve pulled Jin’s hand and led her into the mall.

-In the mall-

Eve sat on the couch of a particular store, waiting for Jin to try out the dresses she picked. She was about to go into deep thinking until Jin interrupted.

“Eve, how about this dress? Is it nice on me?” Jin came out with the dress that she picked.

“Hmm... I think everything looks good on you, Jin.” Eve commented, shaking her head in disbelief as it was the twenty-six time that Jin repeated this question.

“Really? I really do like this dress.”

“We’ll get this dress then and the rest that you wanted.”

“But it’s really-”

“Don’t worry about the money, Jin. It’s been such a long time that we shopped together. Please let me buy things for you today.” Eve begged with puppy eyes.

“Alright then. But next time, it’ll be my turn.” Jin requested with a slight authority in her voice.

“Now, I suppose we’re heading to the next shop?” Eve questioned.

“Yes indeed!” Jin walked out of the shop in excitement and anticipation.

While heading to the next shop, a loud music was played down at level 1 of the mall and loud, vivid screams were heard.

Host:”Welcome to the annual XXX mall singing competition! We’re very honoured to be able to invite our Asian star to this year’s event! Let us welcome Dong Bang Shin Ki with loud screams and applause! Dong Bang Shin Ki please!”

Dong Bang Shin Ki:”Annyeonghaseyo! Dong Bang Shin Ki imnida!”

Loud welcoming music and fan girls’ screams were hurting to the ears.

Jaejoong:”Annyeonghaseyo, Jaejoong imnida.”

Screams were heard.

Yoochun:”Annyeonghaseyo, Yoochun imnida.”

Screams were heard as well.

Junsu:”Annyeonghaseyo, Junsu imnida.”

Screams were there.

Changmin:”Annyeonghaseyo, Changmin imnida.”

Screams were still there.

Yunho:”Annyeonghaseyo, Yunho imnida.”

Vivid screams still remained there.

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3 Re: My first fanfiction "Breaking Facade" on 12th April 2009, 1:29 am

Chapter 7
“Hyung, I’m tired and hungry.”

“Keep it down Junsu-ah, it’s going to end soon.” Jaejoong reassured him.

-Back to the girls-

“Jin, are you sure you don’t want to give the competition a try?” Eve shot Jin a questioning glance.

“Nah, I’m not that good yet to take part in any competition or even have the courage to stand on that stage.” Jin shook her head, imagining herself on the stage with thousand pair of eyes looking at her.

Host:”We’re open to last minute registration. Please do come and join! All you need to fill in this form and go onto the stage and show your vocal skills.”

“Jin, I need to go to the washroom. It’s kind of urgent. Can you wait for me at the first storey?” Eve asked in a polite manner.

“Oh, sure. That’s very random.” Jin replied with questions flowing in her head.

Eve gave her a sly smile and headed for the washroom. Eve knew that Jin loved to sing and her dream was to be able to stand on stage on day to show off her vocal.

Eve went to the level where the competition was held. She went up and took the form,
filling it up with name that did not belong to her, Jin. She filled in the particulars happily and then passed it to the one of the helpers there.

Jin listened to Eve and went down to the first storey of the mall to wait for her. Suddenly, she heard her name coming from the big loud speakers by the side of the stage.

Host:”This girl by the name ‘Jin’, please come up to the stage right now. It’s your turn to show off your vocal.”

Jin was shocked to hear her name and what the host mentioned. While recalling when she filled in the form, she remembered Eve’s sly glance. She knew what Eve did.

Jin turned her head around, looking for Eve. Then Jin saw her standing by the side of the
stage, giving her a signal of ‘Go up to the stage and sing’. She knew Eve was trying to help her fulfilled her small dream, Jin wanted to perform badly in front of people. She had a burning passion in her for singing.

After much hesitation, she went up on stage. Once she was up on stage, she was the centre of all attraction. Once she opened her mouth and started singing, everyone’s attention was captured by her. Junsu’s eyes widened with shock and his heart skipped a beat, he had not hear such angelic voice before.

She’s perfect! Junsu thought in his mind.

Jaejoong who noticed the change in Junsu’s face bit his lower lips to prevent him from laughing out loudly. He had never seen Junsu’s jaw about to drop. It was the first time he had seen Junsu acted like that. And he knew that Junsu had fallen in love with the girl on stage.

Host:”Junsu, you looked surprised. What about giving some comments on her singing?”
Junsu could not stop but not stare. He wished that he had a camera to take down the face of the angel that was standing on stage in front of him. He wished that he had a sound recorder to record down the angelic voice he heard just now.


Jaejoong gave Junsu a light nudge on the arm to wake him up from his daydream.

Immediately, Junsu realised that he had not been paying attention to the host that was speaking to him.

Junsu:”Ah, Jin.”

Jin blushed upon hearing his voice. There was a strange feeling occurring inside of her right now, just at the moment Junsu said her name. It was a fuzzy kind of feeling but she could not tell what she was feeling at that moment. All she knew what that the guy in front of her which was Junsu was catching all her attention and making her heart beat at a unusual rate.

Junsu:”I think she sang the song really nice! It was indeed music to our ears.”

Host:”So we’re clear of our winner for this year’s competition. Alright, Dong Bang Shin Ki will go into discussion right now to decide on the winner. The winner will be able to get a chance to do photo shoot with one of the member in Dong Bang Shin Ki and will be able to take home two tickets for a trip to Shopaholics’ Wonderland in America.”

Music came on after the host was done speaking.

Jin walked down the stage and went to Eve who was by the side of the stage, smiling. Jin walked towards her and smiled back. She was glad that Eve helped her to fulfil that small part of her dream and the more was that she was able to see Junsu, the man that took away her heart.

Junsu, you’re amazing. Jin thought to herself after stealing another glance at Junsu.

Chapter 8
Host:”Everyone, now the exciting part that everyone had been waiting for, the results!”

The crowd cheered.

Host:”Now let’s have Dong Bang Shin Ki to come up on stage and present the prize to the winner.”

As usual, fan girls screamed at the peck of the voice, trying their best to burst their voice box.

The host handled Junsu---who was standing the closest to him----an envelope. The envelope contained the two tickets to Shopaholics’ Wonderland in America.

Host:”Now, drum rolls please!”

Drum rolling came on.

Host:”Congratulations to...........”

Jin was not paying any attention to the announcing of the results. Her heart, mind and soul were still with Junsu. She wanted to stare at Junsu and memorised the features of his face. She knew that love had greeted her the moment she saw Junsu.

Host:”Congratulations to Jin!”

The audience applauded.

“Jin, you won the competition! You’re great in singing like what I always believe!” Eve exclaimed in excitement as she urged Jin to go onto the stage to collect the prize.

“Huh? I won? But how-” Jin questioned with her features all mixed up on her face.

“Just go up. Look, Junsu is waiting for you to give you your prize. Go, go.” Eve cut her off and giving her a light push on her back.

Jin walked up the stage with confusion in her mind. She did not expect herself to win, not even thinking about walking up the stage to hold Junsu’s hand. Even if it was just a thought, that was enough to make blood rushed up her cheeks, making her blush.

Unfortunately while climbing up the flight of stairs to the stage, Jin was too caught up in her own thoughts that made her tripped over her own feet. She squeezed her eyes closed, expecting the pain to come but pain did not greet her. It was this warm embrace that greeted her.

When she opened her eyes, to her surprise, she saw Junsu’s face which was just a few inches away from hers. She gasped but she could not help it not to look away. Junsu had his arm wrapped around Jin’s waist and supported her weight with his arm.

Eve gasped in horror when she saw Jin tripped. But she soon calmed down once she saw

Junsu moved in a rush to grab the falling Jin by her waist. Eve’s lips twisted into a genuine
smile that lid her face up. She was so happy to see Jin getting into close contact with the man that she fallen for.

Some fan girls started to cheer because Junsu was a gentleman that saved the lady, however, there is always two sides of a coin. Some fan girls started to grumble and shouting insults at Jin. They did not like the close contact between their Junsu and Jin.

-Back to the staring-

Junsu did not want to let go of his angel, he wanted to stare at her forever. Literally forever. His eyes were penetrating deep into Jin’s eyes. He wanted so much to lean towards her and kissed those sweet beautiful lips of the angel. He did not care about the fans, he knew all he wanted for this moment was to hold her tight and looked at her.

Jin could not think straight. Blood were rushing up her brain, causing her blush to deepen into darker shades of pink. Normally when a guy tried to get close to Jin, she would always pushed him away or chose to walk off, ignoring. But she did understand why her hands were not obeying her right now. Her mind was telling her to push him away but her heart wanted something else. Her heart wanted Junsu to hold her forever tight in his arms, never letting go.

-Back to reality-

Host:”Hmm, miss and mister? Are we done with the hero-saving-the-lady thing already?”

Their dream of holding each other tight was being interrupted. To break the awkwardness, Junsu let out a cough and Jin tried to smooth her dress. Smiles appeared on both faces.

They knew that today was not any other ordinary afternoon, it was the stimulus of the change in their lives. They knew that they would not forget this day, this day of long staring.

Chapter 9
“It looks like our dolphin is in L-O-V-E!” Changmin teased, trying to emphasise on the important word.

“Yah! That is not way to talk to your hyung, min.” Yunho scolded Changmin with a light whack on his head.

“Junsu doesn’t seem to care, does he? He is not even on the right track...” Yoochun started to tease, trying hard not to laugh.

“Oh c’mon, it’s a tiring day. Let Junsu take a break from all the teasing.” Jaejoong requested, giving a stare to Yoochun.

It was true that Junsu was not on the right track. It was true that Junsu was not in his right mind. It was true that Junsu could not think straight.

This angel... She’s gorgeous. We’ll meet again, my angel. Junsu thought in his mind, staring at the picture of Jin and the members.

-Back at Eve’s house-

“Jin, it’s dinnertime.” Eve shouted as loud as possible for Jin to hear.

There was no response from Jin. Eve knew that she was daydreaming away again like
what she did on their way home. Eve had no choice but to walk over to the couch that
Jin was sitting on and asked her over to the dining table.

Jin was not on the right track. Her mind was still at the scene where Junsu’s eyes were penetrating deep into her soul. She wanted time to stop at that moment. She could recalled the feeling she felt when Junsu’s eyes looked right into her soul.

“Jin, it’s dinnertime.” Eve whispered and tapped Jin lightly on the shoulder. She did not want to break her beautiful dream of prince holding his princess.

“Ah, yes. I’m going to eat right now.” Jin stood up immediately and walked over the dining

I know we’re going to meet again, my prince. Jin thought to herself as she strolled over to the dining table with Eve.

While eating, Eve broke the silence.

“I bet your day was awesome right?” Eve asked Jin curiously. She was desperate to know what true love tasted like.

“It was beyond awesome, Eve. Thank you so much.” Jin replied with her eyes full of love, remembering the part when their eyes met. It was like miracle.

“I’m glad you enjoy more than I do. I’m happy for you if you find your true love.” Eve commented with happiness written all over her face.

“I’ll feel the same if you let go of your past and move on, Eve.” Jin said, not wanting to be self-centred.

“Not this topic again, Sister. You have been nagging me on this for the past few years since I broke up with Kim Bum. Or the other way round.” Eve said with full emotions, at the same time trying to force a smile to appear on her unwilling lips.

“Oh, okay. Let’s not spoil my day by mentioning that skunk. He deserves death penalty for cheating on my little Eve.” Jin said with hatred.


“I’m sorry, Eve.”

“Sister, Kim Bum has his own reasons and we should not judge him. He’s right. When love comes, nothing can be done to stop it.”

“You know that’s not I mean. What I want to say is-”

“Sister, not now. I’m tired. I want to go to bed now.” Eve broke her in the mid of her sentence and walked into her bedroom.

Jin hated Kim Bum. Jin hated Kim Bum for cheating on her little sister. Jin hated Kim Bum for taking life away from Eve. Jin hated Kim Bum for taking away Eve’s ability to love and trust.

You know what I wanted to say is to take yourself away from Kim Bum. Stop looking back at your mistakes, Eve. Kim Bum has done you wrong and yet you’re actually speaking up for him. What did he do to deserve such good treatment from you, Eve? Jin thought with anger building up in her.

Jin sighed loudly, making sure that Eve could hear her clearly as she walked back to the couch.

-Back in Eve’s bedroom-

I’m sorry, Sister. I know what you want for me. It was my fault to put trust into people. It was stupid of me to actually trust love. I learnt my mistake, Sister. I won’t do that again, I won’t repeat that same mistake again. Eve thought in her mind as tears started to flow down her beautiful face.

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4 Re: My first fanfiction "Breaking Facade" on 12th April 2009, 1:38 am

Chapter 10
Eve was awakened by the sweet scent of her favourite mocha coffee. It was the scent that she missed for a long period of time. She knew who had made her favourite mocha coffee because there was only one person on earth that could make the coffee sweet smelling like hers.

“Good morning, Sister!” Eve greeted Jin as she danced her way to the bathroom.

“Oh. Good morning, Eve! How’s sleep?” Jin asked in care and concern.

“It’s great and today will be a great day for you as well.” Eve grinned.

“Haha, I know! How possibly will I forget I’m meeting my angel today?” Jin said in a mushy tone that made goose bumps appearing on Eve’s arm.

“Whoa, that’s mushy. Something that I never expect to hear from you, Jin.” Eve
commented with a face of disbelief.

“Quick, go wash up. We got to rush there.” Jin rushed Eve to the bathroom.

“I know! I know! It’s still early.”

“Be quick or else!”

“Yes madam!” Eve giggled in the bathroom.

-At the boys’ dorm-

Junsu:”Omo, what should I wear for today? Hmm, this? No, how about this? Not this!”

Jaejoong:”Something’s wrong inside, Junsu?”

Junsu:”Jaejoong hyung! Please come in! I don’t know what to wear. Everything seem so
different today!”

Yoochun:”It’s not everything, it’s you! You’re making a big fuss out of nothing!”

Yoochun yawned and said in a irritated tone.

Yunho:”Stop teasing him. We should be happy for our xiah.”

Yoochun:”Of course we should. I can hardly sleep after all his yanking at night about his angel!”

Jaejoong:”You guys should stop quarrelling... Yoochun, go wash up. We need to leave soon.”

Yoochun:”Oh well.”

Jaejoong:”Please wake changmin up as well.”

Changmin:”Eh? I’m awake! Don’t have to wake me up. I’m hungry, I need my breakfast.”

Changmin skipped to the kitchen to get his beloved breakfast.

Junsu:”Hyung, I can’t match things. This is driving me nuts!”

Jaejoong:”Calm down, Junsu-ah. You can’t do anything in such a panicky mood! Come, I’ll
help you.”

Junsu:”Thanks hyung.”

Jaejoong helped Junsu to pick out the right set of clothing and matched it nicely.

Changmin:”I’m done with breakfast! Let’s go!”

Yunho:”Let’s all be quick. We don’t want to keep the ladies waiting.”

Yoochun:”Ladies? Wow, let’s party.”

Junsu&Jaejoong:”We’re done. Let’s go.”

-In the studio-

“Do you think I look good today? Does my dress suits me? Is my hair neat? Is my make-up enough?” Jin threw a mountain of questions to Eve.

“Gosh, how many times must I tell you that you’re good! Perfect, I must say.” Eve reassured Jin with an annoying tone.

Jin’s heart skipped a beat when she heard this angelic and familiar voice.


The other four:”Annyeonghaseyo!”

“Oh, they’re here! Let’s go out and meet them. No, let you go out and meet him.” Eve teased in a joking manner.

“But... but... I’m nervous.”

“Don’t be! Cherish this moment. Don’t spoil it, you hear me? Now, go out there and
capture his soul.” Eve said looking into Jin’s eyes, making sure she understood every single
word she told her.

Jin walked over to Junsu with her heart going wild. She felt that her heart was about to jump out any minute now.

-Apart from Junsu and Jin-

Eve:”Hello boys. Nice to meet you. I’m the photographer for today. Call me eve will do.”

Jaejoong turned back to look at Eve. His eyes were about to pop out when he saw her.

He had never seen such beauty and elegance in one woman before. Eve totally filled his eyes, heart and soul. He never felt that his heart was about to blow up.

Changmin:”Hello, I’m Changmin.”

Yunho:”How are you? I’m Yunho.”

Yoochun:”Nice to meet you. I’m Yoochun.”

Eve:”And you are?”

Eve pulled out her hand, waiting for Jaejoong to respond. She could not understand why
Jaejoong kept staring at her.

Yunho quickly nudged Jaejoong on the arm, pulling life back into him.

Jaejoong:”Oh... I’m... I’m... Jaejoong.”

He took her hand and shook it. When their hands met, Jaejoong felt as though there was an electric current flowed right into him. He felt something tickling inside of his stomach, a funny and fuzzy feeling when he saw Eve.

Chapter 11
Yoochun:”Hey, you look familiar. Do I know you?”

Changmin and Yunho laughed as they knew Yoochun was trying to flirt again.

Eve:”Yes, you look familiar to me too. Are you... Are you Micky?”

Yoochun:”Yes, I am Micky. You’re Mrs Callerine’s daughter right?”

Eve:”Is that really you Micky? Gosh, it’s really you!”

Eve was so excited that she hugged Yoochun without even realising it.

Micky:”I miss you.”

Eve:”I miss you too.”

Both of them smiled. Since they were separated when Yoochun wanted to fight for his dream, Eve was left alone in America since young. Eve and Yoochun were great childhood friends and nothing else. Because of the close relations between both families, Mrs Callerine who was Eve’s mother, decided to ask Yoochun over to her house to accompany Eve since young. They became very good friends. Eve was like a biological sister to Yoochun and Yoochun was like a biological brother to Eve.

Micky laughed, returning the hug. Eve was happy. She was happy to find her brother back. Another missing piece of her world was back in place.

Jaejoong could not understand why he felt jealous looking at Yoochun hugged Eve. He knew he did not have the rights to feel that way but he just could not control it. It was beyond his own will now. He did not like this feeling. What he could only do was to gulp this jealousy down into his stomach, hoping the acids would dissolve it quickly.

Eve smiled and broke the embrace. She looked at Yoochun, trying to figure out the similarities with the Yoochun she remembered and the Yoochun she was looking at now. She could not seem to figure it out which was when confusion broke out in her face.

Yoochun broke the silence with his laughter.

Yoochun:”Omo! After so many years not seeing you, you grow even cuter! My cute little girl.”

Yoochun could not resist giving her checks a light pinch. He had missed Eve so much after he had left America and came to Korea to pursue his dreams. He missed the laughter they shared and all the scolding they went through together.

“Ah! Oppa, please stop it! I’m a grown-up now. Stop pinching me like as if I’m a small girl!” Eve whined, trying to push Yoochun’s fingers off her cheeks.

Eve felt safe whenever Yoochun was around her. Yoochun was like her pillar of strength.

He was the one who helped Eve out of the darkness that was about to devour her. She loved Yoochun as much as Yoochun loved her but it was only love between siblings.

Yoochun:”Anyway, why are you here? And how come are you working here as a photographer? Since when you become an official photographer here?”

Yoochun was curious about everything he missed about her.

“Hmm, how should I put it in words for you to understand?” Eve tilted her head while she went into deep thoughts.

“Well, my brother is the boss of this company and my father wants me to come to work in this company. He is worried about me living in Korea so unless I work here, he’ll not have a peace of mind. That’s when I’m hired here as a photographer but only part-time. I don’t want spend my youth here, taking photos of models or idols forever. There’s a world out there waiting for me.” Eve smiled as thoughts about travelling around the world, taking photos came into her mind.

It did not take Yoochun a long time to figure everything out. He knew something was wrong, something must have caused Eve pain. That was why she insisted on migrating to Korea. Eve was like a open book to Yoochun. She could not hide any secrets from Yoochun, he knew everything about her.

Yoochun:”Eve, tell me-”

“Hey photographer! We can start the photo shoot right now!” The director interrupted what Yoochun wanted to say.

“Oh! I’m coming right away!” Eve shouted back and exhaled out softly. She was grateful for the interruption. She did not want Yoochun questioning her. She hated to remember her past, hated to remember she once chose to love Kim Bum.

You can’t run away from problems, Eve. I’ll surely have a chance to force everything out of that little mouth of yours. Yoochun grinned smugly.

-To the photo shoot-

Eve:”Yes, that’s the way. Please smile and Junsu, hold her closer to you please.”

Junsu did as instructed. His heart was pumping in a fast rate, he was sure this was love.

Eve:”Jin, don’t be so tensed up. Relax your shoulders and smile!”

Jin’s heart was pumping to her highest limits. She knew she could not take it anymore! Her heart would pump to death anytime by now. But she liked him holding her like that. It was like a princess finally reunited with her prince charming after long separation. She did not want him to let go.

-While Eve is busy-

She’s beyond gorgeous. She’s amazing. She’s lovely. She’s beautiful. She’s awesome. She’s angelic. She’s mine, I want her. Jaejoong thought when staring at Eve.

He wanted her badly. He wanted to talk to her badly. He wanted to look at her badly. He wanted to hug her badly. He wanted to hold her and never let go.

Jaejoong had never felt this way towards a lady before. He knew he had a beauty that any girls would be willing to die for. He never expected one day that he would meet the girl with overwhelming beauty which made him heads-over-heels for. He would not let her go past him. He believed she was his fate.

Chapter 12
Dong Bang Shin Ki: “Kamsahamnida!”

“Anyone wants to come over to my place to have dinner together?” Eve asked the boys.
She knew that Jin could not part with Junsu yet.

Changmin:”You know how to cook?”

“Of course, silly. I’ve been living on my own in Korea for 3 years. If I can’t cook, I’ll be died right now.” Eve laughed at Changmin’s silliness.

Changmin:”Hahaha! You can cook! Ye, can we go to Eve’s house to have dinner?”

Changmin begged his hyungs with the irresistible puppy eyes.

Yunho:”Are you sure we’re not disturbing you?”

“Not at all! There’s only me and Jin in the house. It’ll be my pleasure to be able to cook for you guys.” Eve reassured Yunho.

Yunho:”Alright then. We can’t reject a lady’s offer. What do you say, guys?”

Yoochun:”It’ll be great! We got so much to catch up with each other, Eve.”

Yoochun shot Eve a smug grin. It sent shivers down her spine. She suddenly regretted her choice of asking them over.

Junsu:”I like the decision. Going there means I can still see her...”

Junsu spoke in a softer manner, not wanting Jin or Eve to hear him.

Changmin:”What about you, Jaejoong hyung?”



Yunho:”What’s wrong with you? You’re not behaving like yourself recently.”

Jaejoong:”It’s nothing. I think I’m just a little worn out. Let’s go to Eve’s place.”

-Eve’s house-

“Here we are. Please make yourself at home. I’ll go prepare dinner now since Changmin is hungry.” Eve said with a welcoming tone.

“Thanks!” All five of the boys replied with gratitude.

Eve put on her apron and opened her fridge to get food out. She started all the washing and chopping while others were on the couch in the living room. Jin went to her room to change out of her dress which made her uncomfortable for the whole entire day.

Once the girls were not by their side, the guys started their discussion and teasing as well.

Yoochun:”Jaejoong, enough staring for the day. Your eyes are about to pop out.”

Yoochun could tell that Jaejoong was deeply attracted to Eve. He caught him staring at her in the studio for a long period of time and now, staring at Eve preparing dinner.

Changmin:”She’s gorgeous, isn’t she? If my wife is so pretty and capable, I’ll love her with all my life.”

Changmin looked at Eve with eyes filled of hidden ideas.

Jaejoong:”Yah! She’s mine! And don’t you dare to have any designs on her!”

Jaejoong picked up a cushion and started whacking Changmin on the head.

Changmin:”Hyung! I was just joking! You don’t have to be so overprotective. Besides, she’s not yours yet.”

Upon hearing this, Jaejoong hit even harder, causing the others to break out in laughter.

“What’s so funny?” Jin asked in a shy tone, walking towards the boys.

Junsu’s eyes were about to slip off his eye sockets. Jin was gorgeous and attractive. She was wearing a tight-fit long shirt with a mini pair of shorts which revealed the line of her body.

When Jin saw Junsu staring at her, she blushed immediately. The others saw the love blossoming between the two and they moved away quietly.

Junsu did not stop his stares even though he knew that the boys sneaked off. Junsu loved looking at her, he loved her so much that he did not want to keep his eyes off Jin.

Jin took up her courage and broke the awkward silence.

Jin:”Why... Why are you staring at me like that?”

Junsu was shocked to hear her spoke. It made him eager to respond.

Junsu:”Because... Because... You’re really beautiful.”

Junsu gasped and both of his hands flew to cover his mouth once he realised that he was too frank with his reply.

Jin was happy to hear Junsu’s reply. Now she was sure about Junsu’s feelings towards her. She giggled at Junsu’s frankness and cuteness. It was certainly something she could not see every day.

Both of them were so caught up in their worlds that they did not hear Eve shouting for them to get dinner. It was only until Yunho shook Junsu on the shoulder, then they realised dinner was ready.

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Chapter 13
Changmin:”Eve! You’re great in cooking! Whoa, this is nice... this too... and this... I love this...”

Changmin spoke as he gobbled down his food.

Eve:”Eat slowly, Changmin. No one’s fighting the food with you.”

Eve used her palm to soothe Changmin’s back.

That Changmin... Jaejoong’s eyes locked onto Changmin with ire for a moment.

Jaejoong was furious. He did not like Eve touching any other guy even though the guy was his little brother.

Changmin:”Jaejoong hyung, you seem angry. Are you?”

Yoochun:”He’s eating jealousy up.”

Jaejoong:”Yoochun! Don’t sprout nonsense!”

Yunho:”Stop playing during dinnertime! It’s not appropriate.”

“It’s alright, Yunho. I’m happy that they’re actually enjoying themselves.” Eve reassured Yunho that she did not mind the boys’ behaviour.

Despite the teasing Yoochun and Changmin kept making, Junsu and Jin still could not keep their eyes off each other. Both of their faces were engraved deep in each other’s hearts.

-Dinnertime’s over-

Yoochun:”Phew, Eve’s cooking sure is good!”

Changmin:”An absolute yes, hyung!”

Yunho:”Remember to thank her later for the food alright?”

Changmin:”Yes, hyung. Oh anyway, where’s Junsu hyung?”

Yoochun:”Changmin-ah, your dolphin hyung has escorted his angel to the supermarket to get some stuff.”

-Meanwhile in the kitchen-

“Anyway, thanks for helping me out with the dishes.” Eve thanked Jaejoong sincerely.

“A girl like you should not do all the hard chores.” Jaejoong commented with eyes concentrating on the dishes.

“It’s nothing. I’m used to doing these chores.” Eve replied.

“Did you ever think of getting a guy friend to help you...?” Jaejoong whispered to himself.

“Sorry, I can’t hear you. You were saying?” Eve leaned towards Jaejoong as she could not hear him.

“Oh, it was nothing. I was just talking to myself.” Jaejoong laughed awkwardly.

Eve smiled. Eve felt something stirring in his stomach when Jaejoong was near her. She did not know what kind of feeling was that. That feeling in her just made her curious about Jaejoong. Eve wanted to shower Jaejoong with a mountain of questions but she controlled herself. She was afraid to have this kind of feeling towards Jaejoong. She knew it was not right.

Jaejoong loved to see Eve smiled. Her smile just brightened up his day no matter how tired it was. He knew that he was falling deeper for her but he would not care. He wanted to follow his heart, he wanted Eve too badly to let her go. He was curious about her... He wanted to know more about her. He wanted to know how Eve felt towards him. Was it the same fuzzy feeling that he felt? Or she was not interested in him? He wanted to know badly, those questions were driving him berserk.


“Hello, we’re back!” Jin said in a louder tone.

Jin was asked to go down to the provision store to get some kitchen needs for Eve. No one knew why Junsu insisted on going with her. What everyone saw was the wide smiles on both faces when they were back, especially Junsu.

”Guys, the manager just called. He told me that he wanted us to go back to the apartment right now. He wants to discuss the schedule for tomorrow.” Yunho interrupted the observation process.

“I’m sorry, Eve. But thank you for the wonderful dinner. We’ll invite you to our apartment to have dinner next time.” Yunho added.

“Ah, it’s alright. You guys better go now. There’s a big busy day waiting to greet you tomorrow. Take care.” Eve replied to Yunho’s apologies, apparently showing she did not mind the sudden change.

“I’ll miss you, my little sister.” Yoochun gave a peck on Eve’s forehead as a form of saying goodbye.

Jaejoong wished that he could do that to Eve too. He was envy of Yoochun.

“I’ll miss you too, my big brother.” Eve giggled as she gave Yoochun a light pant on the back.

“Bye Eve. I’ll miss your cooking! It’s delicious and thank you for the meal!” Changmin said with gratitude.

“Let’s go, guys. Goodbye Eve and Jin. Thank you for today. Hope we’ll see each other soon.” Yunho gave a farewell speech as they left the door.

“I’ll call you later.” Junsu came forward and whispered into Jin’s ear, making sure no one heard it other than Jin.

“Sure!” Jin giggled sweetly and skipped to Eve’s room after the boys left.

Chapter 14
“I’m tired.” Eve yawned as she took her clothes along with her into the bathroom.

While Eve was washing up, Jin was surprised that Eve did not ask a thing about her and Junsu. Jin did not like Eve always being so calm and not wanting to pry about her life. She sat down by the chair outside the bathroom with her arms folded in her chest.

“Eve, isn’t curiosity burning inside you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t you want to know what happen when we were not around?”

“Jin, you’ll tell me when you’re ready to.”

“Eve, I really don’t like you being so calm. Can you ever be bossy? You’re totally lifeless.”

“You’re indeed weird, Jin. Alright, tell me everything you think that I want to know.”

“You sound like I’m forcing you to listen...”

“Hmm... I’m listening.”



“Junsu oppa, which one should I get? The blue one or this green one?”



“Ah, sorry. My mind was away. What were you saying?”

“I was asking whether I should get this green one or the blue one.”

“I like the green one better.”

“Okay, let’s get the green one then.”

“Jin, can we go to the park just outside later? I feel like sitting down there for a while.”

“Oh, sure. We’ll go there later.”


-The park-

Should I tell her now? Should I confess my feelings to her now? But what if she rejects me? Junsu went into deep thought.

“This place sure is cold.” Jin shivered as the cold wind blew on her thin body.

Junsu did not know why he removed his outer coat and pulled it over Jin’s body. It was a reflex action. He could not control himself from wanting to take care of Jin.

“T-thank you-u.” Jin said in embarrassment.

“You’re welcome.” Junsu flashed Jin a lovely smile.

Jin’s cheeks blushed. She was happy that she could spent time with Junsu alone. This time alone was a temptation for her to confess her feelings. She was tempted to tell Junsu how much she loved him but she swallowed down her words when it bubbled onto her lips.

Junsu looked at Jin curiously. He felt that Jin was waiting for something.

Go Junsu. Tell her how you feel now. His heart and mind were rushing him to speak.

“Jin, I-I...” Junsu mumbled away.

“What’s wrong, oppa?” Jin asked with concern.

“I LIKE YOU.” Junsu spoke out loud enough for Jin to hear.

Upon hearing Junsu’s confession, Jin was speechless. Her heart seemed to forget how to pump and beat. Her mind was losing consciousness.

Junsu saw Jin’s shocked face. Immediately, he added on.

“No, it’s okay if you don’t return this same feeling I felt. I just- I just want to tell you how I feel towards you. Alright. It’s late already. Let’s get back to the apartment.”

Jin was still sitting there blank. She was shocked that Junsu actually fell in love with her.
She did not know how to react. Her body was not helping her at all. Her mind was in shock.

“I knew I should not have said that...” Junsu mumbled to himself, shaking his head in regrets.

He was about to stand up and walked off until Jin reached out and held his hand.

“Junsu? I’m sorry that I acted that way. I- I- I didn’t know how to react. It- It was so sudden.” Jin said in embarrassment and trying hard to remember how to breathe.

“...” Junsu remained silent.

“Junsu oppa, I... I...” Jin hesitated.

“Yes? Yes? What do you want to say? C’mon, say it.” Junsu’s eyes widened with
anticipation when he saw Jin’s hesitation.

“I... I... LIKE YOU TOO.” Jin confessed with her hands covering her face.

“Omo! Omo! Omo! Really?!” Junsu exclaimed in excitement.

Junsu was so happy. He had never felt such happiness in his entire life before. He felt so lucky, so fortunate to hear his loved woman said that to him.

“Yes.” Jin nodded in embarrassment and mumbled with hands still attached on her pretty

Junsu was over the moon when he heard Jin giving him a definite answer. He was so
excited that he unknowingly gave a tight embrace to Jin, holding her in his arms.

“Jin, do you know I’m the happiest man on earth right now? I love you! I love you!” Junsu whispered in her ears.

“Oppa, I love you too.” Jin giggled, moving her hands down from her face to return the hug.

Her face must be red like a tomato right now. A thought appeared in Junsu’s mind out of nowhere.

Junsu pulled away from the embrace and clamped Jin’s face in between his hands. He burst out into laughter when he was right about her face.

“You’re the queen of cuteness!” Junsu said in adoration.

“W-what?” Jin replied in a awkward manner.

She was over the moon when Junsu embraced her in his arms. The feeling was warm and loving. She liked it in his arms but being in his arms made her heart pumped with extra strength and her blood going wild in her veins.

“You’re really cute if you don’t know that.” Junsu praised Jin, adding favour to it with a peck on her blushing cheeks.

“C’mon, let’s go back. I bet hyungs must be worried and Eve will be thinking that I’ve kidnapped you.” Junsu said as he reached out and held Jin’s hand.

Jin just nodded in agreement and followed behind the protective back of Junsu.

-End of flashback-

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Chapter 15
“Hello?” Eve answered the phone.

“Eve! Eve, is that you?” The other party exclaimed.

“May I know who this is on the line?” Eve asked with respect.

“Don’t tell me you have forgotten me...” The other party replied with sadness in her voice.

“Wait, you are... Is that you, chillie? You’re chillie right!” Eve assumed with overwhelmed happiness.

“Hahaha! I’m glad you didn’t forget me. That’s right, Eve. It’s chillie here.”

“You’re in Korea now?”

“Yup, I’m in Korea.”

“How do you know my phone number?”

“It’s a long story but I’ll explain slowly.”

“Tell me.” Eve rushed her.

“Alright, alright. How I know your phone number? It’s because I called your home in America but Mrs Callerine told me that you migrated to Korea. And why am I in Korea? It’s because I came with my dance group to join a dance competition.” Chillie sorted out everything in orderly process for Eve.

“Where are you? Do you think we could meet up? Jin’s with me.”

“Really? I miss her too. I’m afraid we can’t meet up yet, Eve. I have my schedule packed with dance practices. I’m so sorry.” Chillie apologised.

“No worries, Sister. We’ll meet up when you’re free. I know this dance competition is very important to you.”

“You’re still as understanding and as sweet as before, Eve.”

“Good luck with your competition.”

“Thanks, I need it.”

“Hmm, Sister. I need to hang up now. Jin’s waking up soon and I need to get breakfast ready.”

“Oh, sure. Goodbye and take care, Eve. Please take care of yourself.”

“I will. You take care too alright? Don’t stay up late to practise.”

“Hahaha, you know me well. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of myself well.”

“Goodbye.” Eve hanged up the phone.

As soon as she hanged up the phone, Jin yawned and was heading to the bathroom. It was clear that she had the most perfect dream yesterday, dreaming about her angel.

“A good morning to you, Sister. You’re early.” Eve greeted Jin with a smile.

“Good morning, my beloved girl.” Jin flashed a smile back.

“I’ll prepare breakfast straight away.” Eve said.

“You don’t have to prepare breakfast today. Just go change into nice clothes and we’re going out.” Jin said as she flashed another smile to Eve.

“I prefer staying home today.” Eve said calmly.

“Aren’t you asking where are we going?” Jin said in frustration.

“Since I know you’re going over Junsu’s apartment and have breakfast with him, do I still need to ask?” Eve explained.

“I guess you just know me too well.” Jin made a pouting expression.

“We’ve been friends for 8 years and you’re always like an open book to me, Jin.”

“True. But are you sure you’re staying at home? Don’t you want to join us?”

Jin knew that Jaejoong had fallen deeply for Eve. Junsu had spilled this out while they were on the phone and it was obvious just by looking at the way Jaejoong looked at Eve. Jin wanted to help pairing them up together. She knew that Jaejoong would be the one who could help Eve got over her past and even her fear of loving someone again.

“I think I want to go out and shop around. Just need to get some necessities and books to read.”

“Hmm, alright. I know you’re stubborn and will not change your mind once you make it up.”

“Thanks sister. I’ll like some time alone today since you’re keeping Junsu accompanied. Will you be back for dinner?”

“I don’t think so. Junsu has nothing on his schedule today. I’ll like to keep him companied for the whole day. It’s rare for him to get even one day free.”

“Sure. I’ll eat out on my own. Now go get changed, Junsu oppa must be really anxious to see you.”

“Love you sister.” Jin said before skipping to the bathroom.

After Jin went into the bathroom, Eve went in her room and took out clothes to wear for the day. She picked a white-buttoned long sleeve shirt and a chequered high waist knee-length skirt to go with. She put on light make-up for her day and was ready to go. Eve was skilled in presenting herself with clothes and make-up the suited her.

“Eve, how do I look?” Jin asked for Eve’s opinion.

“Junsu will love it.” Eve teased.

“Hey! I’m serious.”

“I am serious too. You look awesome. Junsu will love it.”

“Thanks sweetheart. I’m heading out now. I hope you enjoy your day.”

“You too.” Eve said as Jin bid farewell.

After Jin was out of Eve’s sight, Eve packed her brown vintage sling bag that she was going to bring along with her later. She placed her precious camera that she could not live without gently in her bag. Before leaving the house, Eve put on her black pair of flats that blended in with her outfit.

-The boys’ apartment-

*Ding Dong*

Yoochun:”Who could it be here early in the morning?”

Chapter 16
Jin:”Annyeonghaseyo, Yoochun oppa.”

Yoochun:”Oh hello, Jin.”

Jin:”Hmm... Is Junsu-”

Yoochun:”Junsu-ah! Your angel has arrived!”

Yoochun interrupted her.

Junsu:”Ah, Jin! I’ll be out just in a minute!”

Yoochun:”Why not you come in and sit while waiting for Junsu?”

Jin nodded in embarrassment and her face eventually went red. Jin walked over to the couch gracefully and sat down beside Yoochun. She was feeling awkward being alone in the living room just with Yoochun.

Yoochun:”So I supposed Junsu has confessed his feelings to you?”

Yoochun broke the awkward silence by starting the conversation first.

Jin:”Yes oppa.”

Yoochun:”Oh. Are you feeling awkward with me here?”

Jin:”No... No... I’m not.”

Yoochun:”Don’t worry! I won’t bite or eat you up. I’m happy to see our dolphin boy is madly in love and happy of course.”

Jin:”Thank you for being able to accept me as his girlfriend.”

Yoochun:”Why won’t I accept this fact? Hahaha! You’re honestly too good for him. Please do take care of him because he can be a hassle sometimes.”

Yoochun said while laughing, trying to break the awkward atmosphere around. It took Jin not long to join in his laughter.

Yoochun:”So... I was wondering why Eve didn’t come with you?”

Jin:”Eve? She didn’t want to come. She told me she was going out to get some stuff. I’m a little worried though.”

Yoochun:”What happen to her? She seemed a little different when she came to Korea.”

Jin:”I don’t know whether she wants you to know about this but I think I can trust you on this since you’re close to her from young.”

Yoochun:”I guess it’s something really serious. Rest assured, you can definitely trust me on this. I’m just as worried about her as you are.”

Yoochun reassured Jin to trust him.

Jin:”Hmm... Do you know that Eve was attached to a guy when she’s still in America?”

Yoochun:”Yup, I know about that. My mom mentioned that to me before. The guy named ‘KimBum’ right?”

Jin:”Okay, since you know about it, I’ll just give you a summary. She got cheated and then dumped.”

Yoochun:”She still can’t get over that guy?”

Jin:”No, she just couldn’t forgive herself from making this mistake. She couldn’t forgive herself from being stupid and trusting people then knowing it’s not true. I don’t understand why.”

Yoochun:”I guess she’s still that stubborn as ever.”

Jin:”Yes she is. I tried my best to talk her out of it but she never seemed to take in my words.”

Yoochun:”Don’t worry, I’ll find someday to talk to her. I’ll make sure she snapped out of this.”

Jin:”Thanks Yoochun oppa. I don’t like seeing her bottling up everything and always putting on that facade.”

Yoochun:”I don’t like it either.”

Yoochun was about to speak until Junsu came out of the room and cut into their conversation.

Junsu:”Jin, I’m ready! I’m sorry to keep you waiting but it seems that you and Yoochun are getting along pretty well.”

Junsu spoke as he walked towards Jin and held her hands.

Jin:”Yoochun is really nice. I just found out that we both had something in common.”

Jin said as she winked at Yoochun.

Yoochun:”Yeah, she’s a nice girl too. We sure do have something in common, that particular matter that we’re both worried about.”

Junsu:”Eh? Jin, don’t tell me Yoochun had been flirting with you! She’s mine!”

Junsu was lost in their conversation with hidden meanings.

Jin:”Junsu, you’re being rude to Yoochun. He’s not flirting with me. We’re just worried about Eve.”

Junsu:”Is that true, Yoochun?”

Yoochun:”Yes, Junsu! It’s true! What she say is all true. I’m worried about Eve.”

Junsu:”Lucky me. I thought I was about to lose you, Jin.”

Junsu exhaled through his nose loudly.

Jin:”Silly you.”

Jin giggled at Junsu’s silliness which made her loved him even more than ever.

Yoochun:”Is this couple going to go out now or are they going to stand here and make me envy of them?”

Junsu:”Hahaha! We’re going out now. Just get yourself a partner soon so next time you won’t have to sit here and let jealousy kill you.”

Junsu burst out in loud laughter.

Jin:”I’m sorry, Yoochun oppa.”

Yoochun:”It’s nothing, Jin. Now go enjoy your day with this silly dolphin.”

Yoochun explained and teased as well.

Junsu:”Alright. We’ll head out now. Tell Jaejoong hyung that I won’t be having dinner home. I’m eating out with Jin. Goodbye now! Have fun at home.”

After bidding goodbye, Junsu led Jin out of the house locking his hands with Jin’s.

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7 Re: My first fanfiction "Breaking Facade" on 12th April 2009, 1:49 am

Chapter 17
“Junsu went go already?” Jaejoong asked, coming out of his room yawning.

“Hyung? You’re finally awake. You seldom wake up that late.” Yoochun commented, curious.

“Hahaha! I was just having a pleasant dream.” Jaejoong explained, with a huge smile.

“Pleasant dream? I bet Eve is in your dream.” Yoochun teased in laughter.

“I’m going to prepare breakfast for the others.” Jaejoong tried to shun from the sensitive topic made.

“Oh c’mon hyung! We all know that she’s always on your mind since the day you met her.” Yoochun pushed his luck in teasing Jaejoong even further.

“Aish! Let me prepare breakfast in peace, will you?” Jaejoong demanded.

“Admit it, will you? Then I’ll let you prepare your breakfast in peace.” Yoochun requested with irksome in tone.

“Fine, fine. I’ve fallen maddeningly in love with her. Does this answer satisfy you now?” Jaejoong asked in great sarcasm but he knew that the confession was from the bottom of his heart.

“See! Isn’t admitting better than hiding all up? I’ll let her know about this brave confession you made.” Yoochun teased with satisfaction shown in his eyes.

“No! Don’t you dare to tell her about this!” Jaejoong snarled at Yoochun with great ire.

“Whoa, give it a break hyung! Don’t flare up. I’m just kidding about this.” Yoochun shuddered with fear.

“You can be really meddlesome at times.” Jaejoong commented in an irascible tone.

“I’m just worried about you and it really depends who is the person that’s involved.” Yoochun pouted angelic manner.

“...” Jaejoong remained silent.

“You should really tell Eve how you feel then you don’t have to torture yourself by thinking about her everyday yet not able to be with her.” Yoochun continued.

“I’ll wait for the right time and the right moment. I don’t even know whether she likes me or not.” Jaejoong sighed in disappointment.

“I grew up together with Eve and I can read her mind clearly whether it’s inside out or even upside down. And I’m clear that she likes you too... It’s just that she’s good in not expressing emotions out.” Yoochun answered Jaejoong.

Yoochun knew that Eve would be able to snap out of her past with Jaejoong’s help. He was definite that Jaejoong was the one guy for his little sister. He would try his everything that he could to get Eve back to her bubbly self. He did not like Eve to be so cold and so unfeeling. It broke his heart day by day, just by seeing her behaving like that.

“Do you really think like that?” Jaejoong questioned in doubt.

“Trust me, hyung. Both of you will work out one way or the other.” Yoochun reassured him with confidence.

“I hope so.” Jaejoong mumbled as walking back to his room.

“Where are you going? Aren’t you preparing breakfast?” Yoochun asked loudly.

“I don’t think I have the mood to prepare breakfast for today. I’m going to take a spin around town.” Jaejoong answered in monotone.

“Oh, okay. Don’t fret about it too much.” Yoochun said with concern.

“Don’t worry, I won’t. I’ll see you later.” Jaejoong bid goodbye as he came out of his room gorgeous and headed for the door.

“Hmm... guess I’ll stay home and spend time with my piano.” Yoochun whispered to himself.

-Outside the bookstore-

“Let’s start my day by looking through some cooking books.” Jaejoong said to himself in a soft tone.

As he finished saying that, he entered the huge bookstore with his head bowed down. He did not want to get recognised by any of the people around. He would not want to spend his day running away from crazy fans.

Hmm... I wonder will I find some book that’s nice. I’ll be willing to learn some new skills.
Jaejoong thought in his mind as he scanned through the books on the tall shelf.

“Excuse me, mister? I can’t reach that book, is it possible for you to help me get it?” The lady beside Jaejoong asked politely with her sweet tender voice.

“Oh, sure.” Jaejoong reached out to the book on the highest section of the shelf easily.

When he turned around and gave the book to the lady, he was surprised to see the beautiful face that always left him breathless.

“Jaejoong?” The lady spoke in surprise.

“Eve...” Jaejoong pushed the words through his hardened mouth.

“Oh, it’s really you. I’m surprised to see you here. I heard you boys had a whole day off.
Shouldn’t you be doing something meaningful?” Eve asked calmly.

“I’m doing something meaningful. I’m actually helping a pretty lady to get the book which she couldn’t reach.” Jaejoong replied teasingly.

“Hahaha, that’s really nice of you. Thank you.” Eve blushed a little, thanking him sincerely.

“You’re welcome. I didn’t know you’re interested in cooking too.” Jaejoong commented with surprise.

“I’m always interested to try something new.” Eve flashed a smile in response.

“That’s pretty cool.” Jaejoong’s heart nearly skipped a beat, seeing Eve’s breathtaking smile but yet he tried to compose himself.

“I’m flattered.” Eve said in embarrassment though she did not express it out.

“Anyway, it’s about dinnertime. Do you think I have the honour to invite you to have dinner with me?” Jaejoong asked boldly.

“Oh, sure. It’ll be my pleasure.” Eve answered, accepting his invite.

Jaejoong smiled widely. He was totally over the moon knowing that Eve was actually going to have dinner with him. He knew that he was heads-over-heels-pull-the-socks-off-madly-in-love with her. He wanted to cherish every second with her.

-In the restaurant-

“This is really delicious. Thanks for the meal, Jaejoong.” Eve thanked Jaejoong with deepest sincerity.

“It’s my honour to have you with me for dinner otherwise I’ll be alone for dinner.” Jaejoong said in return.

“You’re too kind.” Eve smiled.

Jaejoong watched Eve picked up her wine glass and took a sip of the wine. He watched her glorious lips parted as it touched the tip of the glass. Her lips looked tender and soft; Jaejoong gulped down his saliva that was stuck in his throat. She looked like an angel in every way. Jaejoong could not take his eyes off her, not even a second.

How I wish I could owe this angel someday. Jaejoong thought while staring blankly at her.

“Jaejoong? Jaejoong?” Eve tried to snap Jaejoong out of his thought.

“Huh?” Jaejoong blinked his eyes to readjust his vision.

“Is there something on my face? You seemed troubled.” Eve asked with concern.

“Oh. No, there’s nothing on your face. I’m just thinking about some things.” Jaejoong replied.

“Are you worried about the boys?” Eve gave another question.

“Kind of. It’s weird being away from them.” Jaejoong lied.

Jaejoong did not want Eve to know what he was thinking about. If he told her, it would give her a shock. Jaejoong knew that Eve was not ready for another relationship yet. He knew what happened to her because he overheard the conversation between Jin and Yoochun this morning. He was eavesdropping behind his door. He did not mean to eavesdrop but because they were talking about Eve, that was why he was interested.

“Your bond with them are really deep. It’s nice.” Eve commented truthfully.

“Do you like this restaurant so much that you don’t bear to leave?” Jaejoong teased sarcastically.

“I like the atmosphere for this restaurant very much but that doesn’t mean I don’t bear to leave. Let’s go.” Eve smiled and took her vintage sling-bag with her as she stood up and left.

“Where does this pretty lady want to go?” Jaejoong asked as he caught up with her.

“Hmm... I want to visit somewhere.” Eve replied Jaejoong’s question.

“I can give you a ride there to wherever you want to go.” Jaejoong offered gentlemanly.

“That’s really sweet of you. Thanks.” Eve accepted the offer sweetly.

“But you have to tell me where we are heading to.” Jaejoong requested politely.

“You’ll know when we get there. Don’t worry, I’ll lead the way.” Eve answered with a smile.

“Anything you say, lady.” Jaejoong flashed back with an angelic smile.

Thud thud, thud thud. Eve could hear her heartbeat loud and clear. It was Jaejoong’s smile that took her breath away. She could not breathe properly. She stood there with a poker face on.

“Eve? Eve?” Jaejoong waved his hand across Eve’s face.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Eve snapped back to reality, lowering her head.

“C’mon, hop in. It’s getting late.” Jaejoong opened his car door for her and made a gesture for her entered the car.

“Thank you.” Eve bowed slightly then entered the car.

Chapter 18
“Isn’t this place beautiful?” Eve took a deep breath and exhaled, taking in the sweet scent of the park.

“Wow, it’s really beautiful.” Jaejoong said in amusement. “How do you come to know this place?”

“This is the only place where it contains the memories of my parents.” Eve sighed as she tilted her head facing the dark blue starry sky.

“I’m sorry.” Jaejoong apologised. He did not want to bring back memories that would bring the slightest hurt to her.

“No, it’s alright. Don’t apologise for nothing, silly.” Eve replied. “My parents brought me here that year we came to Korea. This was the park where my father proposed to my mother. This is a park that brings happiness to people.”

“But are you happy now?” Jaejoong questioned with serious eyes, looking at Eve.

“I will be.” Eve forced a smile on her lips as she turned her face facing Jaejoong.

I want to give you happiness, Eve. Jaejoong said in his mind.

“You like to think a lot right?” Eve asked in such innocent voice.

“N-not really.” Jaejoong struggled with his words. He was shocked hearing Eve’s innocent voice. He felt the difference in her voice. He felt a soothing aura coming out from Eve; it felt that she was not the Eve in the evening when they met or previously before.

“What’s wrong?” Eve asked, noticing the struggle in Jaejoong’s voice.

“Nothing’s wrong. Anyway, you really like this park don’t you?” Jaejoong had curiosity burning in him.

“Yes, this park gives me good memories. The ones that I want to keep them forever in my mind.” Eve answered gladly. “Do you like this park?”

“I like this park. It’s really nice and it gives me a feeling of rest. It’s so relaxing here.” Jaejoong gave a slight laughter.

“Hahahaha! Stardom life is tough uh?” Eve giggled.

“Not really. I enjoy my job and it’s my passion too.” Jaejoong smiled. It was the first time that he heard Eve’s laughter. This place was really bringing out Eve’s true self. He preferred the Eve that was not tensed up all the time.

“Ha-choo.” Eve sneezed. “Oops, sorry.”

Jaejoong burst out in laughter.

“Why are you laughing?” Eve blushed in embarrassment.

“You look adorable when you sneeze. You should have seen your face.” Jaejoong commented, teasing.

“That isn’t very nice.” Eve pouted.

“It’s cold here right?” Jaejoong took off his outer jacket and gently placed over Eve’s body.

“T-thanks.” Eve smiled and went red.

“No problem. I hope you feel better.” Jaejoong said with love.

“I do feel better. Thank you... Aren't you feeling cold?” Eve asked with her innocent tone again.

“Not at all. My body is in tip-top condition.” Jaejoong gave her a wide smile.

Jaejoong felt nice protecting her. He liked to be able to take care of her. Even if it was only giving her a jacket for warmth, he was satisfied.

There was silence for a moment but not until Jaejoong broke it with a soft laughter.
Jaejoong felt weight on his shoulder. He turned his head around and saw Eve’s head resting on his shoulder.

She’s literally an angel when she sleeps. Jaejoong thought to himself, smiling.

Jaejoong gently reached for Eve’s face and caressed it. He stopped his fingers on her lips and his heart went wild.

“Why do you have such attractive lips? I bet every guy would die to kiss these. I wonder whether KimBum, Eve’s first boyfriend had kissed her before...” He whispered while staring at Eve’s lips. He felt jealousy overwhelming in him for that instant.

Eve had fallen asleep. She was feeling very relaxed and comfortable with Jaejoong in the park. She could not describe this feeling that she felt when Jaejoong was around her. She only knew that she liked him being around but she was afraid. She was afraid of feeling this way. She did not want to love again but she could not help starting to love Jaejoong.

Jaejoong slowly picked her up in his arms, avoiding any big movements that could wake Eve up. He did not want to wake this sleeping beauty that was in his arms. He wished that he could hold her in his arms forever.

You’re as light as a feather. I’ll make sure I feed you more. Jaejoong said mentally, not looking away from Eve.

*Ding Dong*

Jin:”Omo! Jaejoong, what happen to her?”

Jin was shocked to see Eve in Jaejoong’s arms. She went into greater shock when she saw Eve’s sleeping face. Eve was sleeping very soundly. That was something that Jin never saw for quite a long time. Eve never slept well when she migrated in Korea. Jin would wake up a few times in the night because of Eve’s tossing and turning around. Jin knew that Eve had nightmares every night, which was why Eve would try to spend all her energy in the day hoping that she would be so worn out during the night to avoid nightmares.

Jaejoong:”Shhh... Keep it down. She’s just too tired, I think.”

Jin:”How come she’s with you?”

Jaejoong:”It’s a long story. I’ll tell you later after I put her to bed. Where’s her room?”

Jin:”Hahaha! Oops, sorry. We’ll talk about it later. Come, follow me.”

Jin turned and walked towards Eve’s room. She opened the door and held it there to let
Jaejoong passed through, avoiding any shakings to wake Eve.

Jaejoong carefully placed Eve on her bed and pulled the blanket over her. He could not resist reaching out and caressed Eve’s cheeks once again.

Have a sweet dream, my princess. Jaejoong whispered.

Jin giggled when she saw Jaejoong reaching out to caress her sister’s cheeks. She was feeling so excited at the same time happy for her little sister. She knew Jaejoong was determined to shower Eve with great love and care. It made her relieved to hand Eve to him.

Jaejoong turned and walked out of the door, joining Jin in the living room. Jin invited him to sit down and started a conversation with him.

Jin:”Can you tell me the long story now?”

Jaejoong:”Oh, sure. It’s really simple. I didn’t want to stay home so I decided to go for a spin in town but I didn’t expect to meet her at one of the bookstores I entered. She couldn’t reach for this book which was high up the shelf so she asked for help. I didn’t know the lady was her until I turned around and saw her face.”

Jaejoong looked at Jin, waiting for her response but Jin just nodded her head in response, signalling him to continue.

Jaejoong:”And then I brought her to have dinner with me at a restaurant. After the meal, we had a little talk before leaving the restaurant. She wanted to visit this park somewhere around this area but I didn’t know where was it so she led the way as I drove. We reached the park and had a little chat. Eventually, she became so tired that she fell asleep. That was why I carried her home.”

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8 Re: My first fanfiction "Breaking Facade" on 12th April 2009, 1:56 am

Chapter 19
Jin:”It’s been long since I see her sleep with no worries creased on her forehead. I’m glad that she was with you. I’m sorry for the trouble though.”

Jaejoong shook his head immediately.

Jaejoong:”No! Don’t think that you’re troubling me! I’ll be glad being able to send her home everyday if I could. I’ll love to do that.”

Jin:”Hahahaha! I guess Junsu was right about this. You’re madly in love with Eve.”

Jaejoong:”What-what did Junsu say?”

Jin:”Do you even know that Yoochun couldn’t sleep well for days because of your mumblings? You kept repeating her name again and again until it made Yoochun went over to sleep in Junsu’s room.”

Jin shook her head in disbelief but she was glad that Jaejoong was madly in love with her.

Upon hearing that, Jaejoong gave out a mild laughter.

Jaejoong:”Did I drive Yoochun crazy? Hahaha! I must be crazily in love with that little angel in that room.”

Jin:”Anyway, have you confess to Eve?”

Jaejoong:”Hmm... I’m still waiting for the right time to do that. I don’t want to scare her off.”

Jin:”You sound like you know what happened to her.”

Jaejoong:”Yes, I do. I’m sorry that I eavesdropped your conversation with Yoochun earlier in the morning. I can’t control myself to get away from any opportunities to know Eve better.”

Jin:”Well, I don’t mind. I can’t blame you too... because you’re too madly in love with her. I guess I’ll have to tell you sooner or later.”

Jaejoong:”What do you mean?”

Jin:”You see Jaejoong... Eve rejected every guy that confessed their feelings to her. Because of her first boyfriend that cheated on her, she couldn’t love anyone. She tried to bottle all her feelings inside and not express it out. It’s the first time I see her interested in a guy after so many years. As her elder sister, I’ll do all means to help you and her to get together. It hurts me to see her putting on a facade every day. When she’s feeling down, she won’t show her tears. She’ll try all ways to keep herself busy and away from the thought. Sometimes she’ll even cry herself to sleep. My only hope now is you, Jaejoong. You can help Eve to walk out of her past fears and make her love someone again. But please take it slowly, don’t rush into things.”

Jin felt all her burdens had been pulled off her shoulders. She felt so free. She had been bottling all this in her heart. She would want to search for the right guy for Eve and just tell him everything --- which happened to be Jaejoong.

Jaejoong:”Don’t worry, I’ll take things slowly... I’ll make her know that she could love me and trust me without worrying. I’ll treat her nicely and will let nothing harm her. Thank you, Jin. Thank you for being willing to help me. I’ll do everything that I can to help Eve walk out of her fears.”

Jin:”No problem. It’s my pleasure to help. As a sister of Eve’s, this is what I’m supposed to do.”

Jaejoong:”Junsu is very lucky to have you.”

Jaejoong teased with laughter.

Jin:”Thank you.”

Jin blushed in the compliment of Jaejoong.

Jaejoong:”It’s late and I have to go now. I still have a half day schedule tomorrow.”

Jin:”Goodbye. Drive safely.”

Jaejoong:”Thank you. Goodbye.”

Jaejoong exited from the house door gracefully. Jin smiled as she watched Jaejoong disappeared. She was thankful for this angel that came to save Eve. She knew that it was just a matter of time that Eve would return to her bubbly self again, breaking her facade.
Jin locked the door and headed back to the couch. She yawned as she switched off the television. She had a long day with Junsu today and they had fun.

She opened Eve’s door and tiptoed in. A grin appeared on Jin’s face when she heard Eve mumbled.

“Jaejoong... Jaejoong...” Eve mumbled while sleeping.

Jin was clear that Eve had fallen for Jaejoong beyond her control. She already had funny ideas flowing in her mind. She was going to attach Eve to Jaejoong forever.

“... Sorry Jaejoong... Sorry that I can’t love you.” Eve continued mumbling.

“No, Eve. Listen to your heart. You can love him. Why don’t you even bothering to try and walk out of your fears? Not every guy that existed in this world is like that sleazy Kim Bum.” Jin whispered to Eve, trying not to wake her up.

If Eve was not going to walk out of her fears, then Jin would force her out of it with the help of Yoochun.

“Goodnight, my dear girl.” Jin whispered and tapped Eve lightly on the forehead as she laid down beside Eve on the bed.


Eve yawned. She blinked her eyes to adjust her sight due to the light entering the room. She turned around and found herself on the bed in her room. She was surprised that she was in her room. She tried to recall what happened last night after her park visit with Jaejoong. She could not remember a thing about last night so she decided to get out of bed and washed up.

After she changed into clean clothing, she went out of her room. A smile lit on her pinkish lips when the sweet scent of coffee caught her nose.

“Good morning, Jin. What’s for breakfast?” Eve greeted with sweetness.

“Sit down. Breakfast will be up soon. I’m not that a great cook so I’m preparing your favourite coffee and a few toast.” Jin answered her question.

“Your coffee is enough to make you the greatest cook in my world.” Eve chuckled.

“You seem to have a good night sleep yesterday.” Jin said as she brought the breakfast to the table.

“What happen last night? How come I was on my bed?” Eve asked curiously.

“You fell asleep and Jaejoong cradled you in his arms back him.” Jin teased the blushing Eve.

“Really? Gosh, it must be really troublesome for him.” Eve ignored her teasing.

“C’mon. Let’s talk while we eat.” Jin offered.

“Okay!” Eve smiled, showing her dimple on her right cheek.

“So... Was yesterday fun?”

“It was a nice trip. I had some of my thoughts sorted out.”

“That’s good. Have you got that little Ms Stubbornness out of your head?”

“Nope! And I’m not planning to do so. She’s a permanent resident.”

“I do hope she’ll leave quickly and let Mr Love moved in that room.”

“She likes it here a lot and don’t plan to move out. I’m afraid Mr Love has to look for other apartment to rent.”

“Eve, please don’t do that.”

“I’m not doing anything wrong.”

“I really want to see you happy and I believe Yoochun will want that too.”

“Don’t tell me Yoochun knows about what happened in America? You told him, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did told me what happened. He deserves to know because he’s your oppa.”

“Well, I guess that’s the way. I can’t argue with that, can I?”

“No, you can’t. It’s good that you accept this fact.”

“I always accept facts.”

“Can you accept the fact that Kim Bum left you on his own account and it’s not your fault
at all?”

“Don’t talk about that already.”

“Why are you avoiding it, Eve? Face it and overcome it.”

“Not today.”

“Then when is the day?”

“I’ll think about it.”

“You’re not coming out with any conclusions right?”

“I need time.”

“You’ve been spending 3 years on this same topic. Can you move on already?”

“I’m afraid no.”

“You see Eve. Your Yoochun oppa and I are very worried for you. We hope that you can get over that skunk and move on in life. Don’t hang on this same thing for years.”

“Jin... I’ll think about it. Really I will. Promise?”

“You better work it out fast and come out with a logical conclusion. You know what I mean by logical.”

“Yes, Sister. It means that I shouldn’t blame myself for that broken relationship because it’s not my fault and it has nothing to do with me.”

“I’m glad you know that. Now go change into something nice. I’m bringing you out.”


Ending the conversation, Eve went into her room to pick out her clothes for the day. She decided to wear this feminine silky white knee-length dress. It brought out her slim body line to the fullest. Every guy would have their eyes popped out of their sockets once she was in their sight.

After she was dressed up nicely, Eve went out of the room to look for Jin.

“Jin, I’m done. We can go look for your Junsu now.” Eve called out.

“Give me a minute.” Jin shouted back.

“Sure.” Eve replied loud enough for Jin to hear her.

After a few minutes of waiting, Jin came out of the washroom. She was looking gorgeous from head to toe.

“Anyway, how did you know we’re going to look for Junsu? Or maybe the boys?” Jin asked, confused.

“You won’t rush me to change to go out that early in the morning.” Eve explained, knowing her sister Jin inside out.

“Wow, you’re indeed my sister! You could just say that you could read my mind.” Jin joked with a smile.

“Thank you. Let’s go now. Don’t keep your Junsu waiting.” Eve said, rushing Jin.

Eve was excited to be able to see Jaejoong again. Jaejoong now occupied her priority room in her heart. She knew that Jaejoong had fallen in love with her because she heard the conversation between Jaejoong and her sister last night. Although she was worn out totally, but she was awaken by the little noises that came from the street outside her house. She heard Jaejoong confessed that he was madly in love with her and then she fell unconscious again.

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Chapter 20
“Finally we’re here!” Jin let out a loud exhale of air after the long bus trip.

“Well... Quickly go in then. I’ll be back later, I need to get a drink first at the nearby shop.” Eve tugged Jin’s sleeve.

Eve was as excited to see her lover as Jin was. Eve wanted to fill her vision with Jaejoong again. She could not stop her heartbeat from getting faster each minute to get to see Jaejoong.

Security:”I’m sorry but I can’t let you in unless you have a ticket or a pass.”

Jin:”But I... I need to go in. Could you make an exception today?”

Security:”I’m sorry. I have to do my job.”

Jin:”Well... I’m sorry that I’ve troubled you.”

Jin was disappointed. She had brought along her handmade sushi for Junsu to try. She wanted to see Junsu badly. She missed him a lot.

She turned to Eve who just arrived back outside the building and forced out a smile. Eve saw the forced smile on Jin’s perfect lips and knew something was wrong.

“What’s wrong, Jin?” Eve asked with concern showed on her face.

“I’m not allowed to go in without a ticket or a pass. It seems like my sushi pack is going down the drain.” Jin explained her sadness.

“Don’t worry. My brother owes this building. We’ll be able to get in easily.” Eve assured Jin with confident eyes.

Eve walked over to the security post as she pulled Jin along with her on the hand.

Eve:”Hello mister. Can we go in?”

Security:”Yes, you may go in, Ms Eve.”

Eve:”Thank you and sorry for the trouble caused.”

Security:”Not a problem at all.”

-In the studio of the building-

“Wow Eve. You’re really good. Having a high status makes life smooth.” Jin praised.

“Don’t say that. You know it’s not true.” Eve replied with serious eyes.

“Jaejoong hyung, I’m hungry!” A high pitched voice said.

“I think we know who that is. He needs food.” Eve giggled as she gave Jin a slight push to the door.

“Don’t you want to go in?” Jin asked surprisingly.

“I’m going to visit my brother first. You go ahead without me. I’ll look for you later.” Eve said in answering Jin’s confusion.

“Alright then. See you later here.” Jin bid goodbye then headed towards the resting room where the boys were.

Eve turned and was about to walk towards the lift lobby when she heard a familiar voice around the corner.

“Can you help me to pass this document to the headquarters later?” The familiar voice requested.

Eve was sure that she knew this voice. She had heard this voice when she was still living in America. She did not want to recall whose voice was this but she was curious. Curiosity was burning in her, making her wanting to find out was that voice belonged to who the person she thought it was.

Curiosity swallowed Eve as she tiptoed to the corner of the corridor and took a peek. Her jaws dropped and her eyes widened. She could not believe who appeared in her sight. Past pain returned to her heart when that person came into her sight.

-In the resting room-

“Annyeonghaseyo.” Jin greeted the boys as she gave a slight bow.

“Jin!” Junsu exclaimed in his greatest excitement, running towards Jin and gave her a tight embrace.

“Calm down, oppa. I heard that you’re hungry and I brought you a little snack.” Jin said with a smile.

“You always appear at the right time, Jin.” Junsu snatched the lunchbox from her hands and gave a peck on her cheeks.

“Junsu!” Jin frowned as her face turned red.

“What a cute couple.” Yunho laughed in amusement towards the couple.

“I’m hungry too. Can I share the snack with you, hyung?” Changmin asked with his mouth started salivating.

“NO!” Junsu snarled with selfishness.

“Please, hyung.” Changmin pleaded with puppy eyes.

“Find yourself a girlfriend and ask her to bring snacks for you. Puppy eyes don’t work on me now!” Junsu shut his eyes tight and spoke out loud.

“Puff! Fine.” Changmin puffed his cheeks and folded his arms in his chest, turning away bitterly.

“That wasn’t very nice of Junsu.” Jaejoong commented sourly.

“You can’t blame him. If Eve made you lunch, will you share with Changmin?” Yoochun asked in comparison.

“That’s different.” Jaejoong replied, looking away.

“What’s different? It’s exactly the same topic.” Yoochun teased as he gave a soft laugh.

“Fine.” Jaejoong stood up and walked out of the room.

Jaejoong was upset and disappointed that Eve did not come to visit them. He wanted to see her so much after last night’s chat in the park. It made him desperate for her.


“Have you seen the lady in white dress? She’s gorgeous!” The first man commented.

“Yes, I’ve seen her. She’s amazing. But why is she allowed in here?” The other man replied.

“Well, I’ve heard that her elder brother owes this company.” The first guy explained.

“Really? Whoa, rich and pretty lady. She must be a big catch. Do you know her name?” The other man questioned.

“I heard from the security that people address her as Ms Eve Elizabeth.” The first man answered.

Jaejoong was mad after hearing all these however on the other hand, he was happy that Eve was here. But he did not like other guys talking about Eve or discussing about her. He wanted Eve to only belong to her, he wanted authority over Eve, and he wanted to owe Eve. He was jealous. His mind was telling him to walk up and screamed at those fools for drooling over Eve like that. His protective instinct over Eve was overwhelming him but he walked away before he did anything regretful.


Eve gasped and turned her back facing the wall. She could not believe who she saw; she did not want to believe that she saw him again after so many years.

Her mind was in a blank... She could not control her limps; they kept moving and leading her forward. She did not know where she
was heading to. All she knew was to walk and continued walking. Her mind was so occupied that she did not realised Jin was shouting for her. It took her a moment to realise that Jin was applying some force to shake her awaked.

“Eve?” Jin called out.

“Huh?” Eve blinked a few times, readjusting her sight.

“What happened? You nearly bang into the wall that’s just in front of you.” Jin pointed at the direction where Eve was heading to
just now.

“Oh.” Eve just nodded.

“Something happened?” Jin was concerned.

“Nothing’s wrong.” Eve lied through her teeth.

“You’re not telling the truth, aren’t you?” Jin stared at her seriously.

“I’m telling the truth and there’s nothing wrong. Let’s go watch the boys.” Eve gave Jin a smile which was obvious to Jin that she forced it out on purpose just to avoid Jin’s questioning.

“You can’t escape.” Jin threatened Eve.

“I know. They’re starting the interview now.” Eve nodded and pulled Jin’s hand along as she headed to the studio.

Eve still could not think straight. Her mind was still at the previous scene where she saw him. She could not believe or rather, she did not want to believe who she saw.

Why did you come back... Eve said to herself.

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