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Moniqa's heart was beating wildly as she was being brought to Xiah's room. She was on a wheel chair. And even though her doctor was against her decision to go and see Xiah . . . . It still didn't stop her . . . . In fact, it even made her more determined to see him.

"Are you sure about this Moniqa?" Se7en said to her.

Moniqa looked up at Se7en. He was the one pushing the wheel chair . . . . and she could see by the expression on his face that he was very concerned about her.

"I have to see him Dong-Wook . . . ." she softly uttered.

"But . . . . But what if you suddenly can't handle what you see . . . . You're still weak. You just went a heart transplant . . . Moniqa. Your body may not be able to handle the pressure of seeing Xiah in . . . . in such a condition," Se7en said again with concern.

Moniqa shook her head and smiled at Se7en. "I want to see him. . . . I will try to be strong . . . . Don't worry."

Se7en just accepted what Moniqa said without any further argument. He knew he wouldn't be able to change her mind. She was determined to see him . . . . no matter what the consequences might be.

As Moniqa approached Xiah's room . . . . it was as if he could hear her own heart as it continuously pounded hard. She was somehow scared of what she was going to see. But she still wanted to know the truth . . . . even if the truth was going to be very painful.

Se7en stopped in front of a room. Then he gently opened the door. . . . . and he pushed Moniqa's wheel chair into the room.

Moniqa's heart was totally shattered the moment she laid her eyes on Xiah. He was lying unconscious on the hospital bed, with different machines attached to his body.He had bruises and cuts on his face and arms. Moniqa placed a hand over her mouth. It was like she wanted to scream. She couldn't totally perceive what she was seeing. She kept thinking that what she was seeing was just a nightmare.

"What . . . . What happened to him?" she asked Se7en with tears already forming in her eyes.

"Iqa . . . . . " Max softly uttered.

Moniqa suddenly glanced at where the voice came from. Max, Jaejoong, Micky and U-Know were all sitting in a corner of the room. They all looked downcast . . . . and all their eyes were blood shot red, as if somehow they have all been crying for hours.

"Iqa . . . ." Micky uttered again.

"What happened to him?" she asked the other DBSK members. She was hoping that they would tell her the truth.

The other DBSK boys looked at each other. They were somehow reluctant to tell her the truth. They were all aware that she was still in a very delicate condition. And they were afraid that if they told her the truth . . . .it would somehow greatly affect her health.

"Please . . . . tell me the truth," she begged the DBSK boys.

The DBSK boys all looked at Se7en. They were somehow asking some help from him. They didn't know if they should tell her the truth or not.

"Moniqa . . . . Xiah . . . . was in a car accident," Se7en said. He knew that he needed to lie . . . . for Moniqa's sake.

"Car accident?. . . . Are you telling me the truth?" she asked as she looked straight at Se7en's eyes.

Se7en's heart suddenly skipped a beat. And then he suddenly tried to avoid Moniqa's eyes . . . .He was afraid that she would know the truth just by looking at his eyes.

Moniqa smiled bitterly. "You don't have to lie . . . . He wasn't in a car accident . . . . . He . . . . He tried to kill himself . . . . because of me."

Se7en and the DBSK boys were all shocked with what they heard. They couldn't explain how Moniqa was able to know the truth.

"How did you know?" Jaejoong asked suddenly.

"I . . . . I had a strange dream. . . . . And in my dream, he was saying goodbye to me . . . . . And he told me about what he did . . . . " she answered softly. She knew what she was saying was very unbelievable . . . . but she didn't care. She knew what she had dreamt was real. . . . . Both she and Xiah had seen each other on the other side.

The DBSK boys and Se7en all looked at Moniqa with a weird expression on their faces. They couldn't believe what she had just told them.

"What did the doctors say about his condition?" she suddenly asked the boys.

"Almost all his injuries are superficial . . . . But the damaging injury was to his head. As of now . . . . the doctors are still unsure if he can make it through the night. They say if he doesn't regain consciousness by tonight. . . then there is a big possibility that he may never will," Jaejoong answered with a quivering voice. It was as if he was about to cry any minute.

"Dong-Wook . . . . can you please get me closer to him . . . ." she suddenly said to Se7en. She was trying to hold back her tears. She didn't want them to see her cry.

Se7en moved Moniqa closer to Xiah's bed. And as soon as she was near him . . . she gently held his hand and placed it near her heart.

"Xiah . . . . Can you feel my new heart beating? I told you . . . . you didn't need to do such a thing for me. What now? You did such a foolish thing . . . . And now I am going to be alone . . . ." she said as her tears finally fell. She couldn't control her emotions anymore.

"Iqa . . . ." U-Know and Jaejoong both said with concern. They knew her heart was still adapting to her body and her crying may cause some problems.

"Moniqa . . . . Please don't cry . . . . You're still recovering from your surgery . . ." Se7en said as he was trying to remind Iqa of her condition.

Moniqa looked at Se7en and the DBSK boys with tears already flowing from her eyes. "Can you please leave us alone . . . . I want to be alone with him even for a few minutes . . . . please," she begged.

"But . . . . we can't leave you alone . . . . What if something happens to you while we are outside?" Se7en asked with concern.

Se7en and the other DBSK boys gave each other glances, and just nodded. Then they quietly left the room . . . . leaving Moniqa alone with Xiah.

As soon as they boys finally left . . . . Moniqa started to cry uncontrollably.

"Xiah . . . . Why?. . . . What am I going to do without you? I told you I would rather be dead . . . . than live a day without you . . . . Xiah . . . . Please wake up. . . . . I'm here. . . . I need you . . . . " Moniqa said as she cried beside Xiah. She had placed her head on the side of the bed and cried and sobbed uncontrollably.

"What do I do without you? If you're going to leave me . . . . then I will just follow you . . . . wherever you are. I don't care about anything anymore . . . . .except the fact that I want to be with you," she said as her tears continued to fall.

"After I broke up with Akira . . . . I already made up my mind that I would never fall in love again. But then after I met you . . . . you changed everything. I fell in love with you the moment I met you, Xiah . . . . At first, I was very scared to show my true feelings for you . . . . But after awhile I realized . . . . it was already too late . . . . and I had already fallen in love and there was nothing else I could do. . . . " she said with a weak voice.

"Do you know how happy I was when I learned that you loved me too? You made me the happiest girl in the whole world . . . . I thought that we would always be together . . . . and that we would never be apart. But now . . . . . but now . . . ." she started to cry uncontrollably again.

As she was crying, she suddenly felt a hand was softly caressing her head. She immediately looked at Xiah. He was already awake and was smiling at her.

"Xiah . . . . ." she uttered with joy.

"Iqa. . . . I could never leave you . . . ." he said with love in his eyes.

"Xiah . . . . " Moniqa said with joy in her eyes.

Xiah gently caressed Moniqa's face. "I love you too much to be away from you."

"Xiah . . . . I thought I had lost you. . . . " she said as she tried to control her tears.

"I already told you . . . . You will never lose me . . . . for I am always with you. . . .in your heart," Xiah said with a loving smile on his lips.

Moniqa looked at Xiah with love in her eyes. "Promise me, you will never do something so foolish like that . . . .ever again. I don't know what I would do if I lose you again." she suddenly said as she tightly held Xiah's hand.

Xiah smiled sweetly. "I promise . . . . only if you promise me one thing . . . ."

"What?" she asked.

"Promise me that you will always be by my side . . . supporting me . . . . loving me . . . . guiding me . . . . and showing me the light . . . . Do you know while you were talking to me . . . . I was already going through a bright light . . . . But then I heard your voice . . . . Then I tried to find where it was coming from . . . . And that was when I noticed a small star . . .twinkling . . . . Your voice was coming from that star . . . . I heard everything you had said. And while I was listening . . . . I followed that star into a dark path . . . . I knew your love was going to lead me back to you . . . . And I was right . . . . . I love you Iqa . . . . And I promise I will never . . . . ever leave you alone again," Xiah said with such strong emotion visible in his eyes.

Moniqa's tears of joy suddenly fell, one by one. "I love you too Xiah . . . . I promise, I will always be your guiding star . . . ."

As Moniqa and Xiah were lovingly talking to each other, Se7en and the other DBSK boys suddenly entered the room. They were all amazed to find Xiah conscious and smiling happily.They couldn't explain the joy and relief that they were all feeling.

"Hyung . . . . " Max exclaimed with joy.

Xiah just smiled at his friends. He was very happy to have another chance at life and . . . . at love. And he was determined that he wasn't going to make any mistakes again.

As Se7en and the other DBSK boys watched Iqa and Xiah together . . . . they all knew that love was the thing that had brought their two friends back together in each other's arms.

"I love you, Iqa. . . . From now on, I will never let you go," Xiah softly whispered to Iqa.

Moniqa suddenly smiled. She gently kissed Xiah on his lips. "I love you Xiah . . . .and I promise to be always be by your side," she sweetly said back to him.

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A month passed . . . .

"Hyung . . . . " Max called out.

Xiah suddenly opened his eyes. "What?" he asked while his eyes were still closed. He was still very sleepy and he wanted to sleep some more.

"You're supposed to go on a date with Iqa today right??" Max asked with a raised eyebrow.

Xiah suddenly opened his eyes. "What? What day is it today?" he asked as if somehow confused.

Max suddenly grinned. "Hyung . . . . she's already waiting outside . . . . So better get up already."

Xiah immediately got out of bed. Then as he was about to go out the room, Moniqa entered with Jaejoong, Micky and U-Know behind her.

"Wake up . . . . sleepy head!" Moniqa said with a big smile on her lips.

"Hey! I am already awake . . . . See!" Xiah answered with a grin.

"Don't tell me you forgot about our date today? . . . . Because if you did . . . . Well, I certainly have to punish you . . . ." Iqa said with a pout.

Xiah laughed. "Sorry . . . . Frankly, I forgot . . . So what would be my punishment . . . . my princess?"

"My princess eh? You're making sweet talk now?" she suddenly laughed.

"Sorry . . . ." Xiah suddenly said seriously.

Moniqa suddenly embraced Xiah.

"Your punishment would be . . . . to hug me whole day long," she said with a laugh.

"That isn't a punishment . . . . but a treat," Xiah said as he suddenly grinned.

"Hey! You guys are already too sweet . . . .ants would surely love to get their hands on you," Micky said as a joke.

"So Xiah . . . . are you ready to go yet?" Moniqa asked impatiently.

Xiah laughed. "Not yet baby . . . . not unless you want to go out with me in my pajamas . . . ."

The other DBSK members suddenly burst out laughing. Moniqa laughed as well. . . . . but then she started pinching Xiah.

"You naughty boy . . . . " she said as she gently pinched him on the arm.

"Just give me fifteen minutes okay?" Xiah said to Moniqa with a sweet smile.

"Okay . . . Hey . . . . Jaejoong . . . Micky . . . Max . . . U-Know . . . . Would you guys like to come with us?" Moniqa suddenly asked the other DBSK boys.

"What? Us? Are you sure?" Jaejoong asked with a surprised expression on his face.

"We certainly don't want to intrude," Micky added.

"Hyung . . . . won't like it if we tagged along," Max said with a smile.

"Don't worry . . . . I assure you . . . it would be fun. . . And besides . . . I know how much he loves you guys . . . . So I think he won't mind if you guys came along . . ." she answered.

"No . . . it's okay . . . We certainly would be a bother to both of you," U-Know said.

Moniqa laughed. "Come on guys . . . .You won't be bothering us, believe me. So please come along . . .I know you guys would just love the place where we are going."

The other DBSK boys all looked at Xiah.

"Don't worry about me . . . . I would like you guys to come along too. The more . . . . . the merrier . . . ." Xiah said with a grin.

"Yes!" Max suddenly exclaimed. He really wanted to come along, but was just too shy to say it.

Both Moniqa and Xiah smiled. They were very happy seeing their friends happy faces.

An hour passed, Moniqa and the DBSK boys were already on their way to their destination.

"Where are we going Iqa?" Xiah asked as he looked out the van.

"It's a secret!" she answered with a giggle.

Xiah looked at the other DBSK boys. They were all very curious as to where they were going.

Another hour passed and the van finally stopped.

"Where are we?" Micky asked suddenly.

The DBSK boys immediately noticed the different vehicles parked outside the big mansion that they were infront of.

"This is Masao's house . . . . If you can call it a house . . . ." she said with a grin.

"Why are there so many cars here? Is there a party going on?" Jaejoong asked curiously.

"Yup . . . That's why I wanted you guys to come along . . . ." she answered with a grin.

Micky's face suddenly lit up with excitement.

"So there are a lot of models here . . . now?" he asked with a big smile on his face.

"Yes . . . ." Iqa answered.

"I totally love this place!" Micky suddenly exclaimed.

Moniqa laughed. "I know you guys would love going here . . . Come on . . . Let's go inside."

The DBSK boys just followed Moniqa inside the Masao's mansion. And as soon as they entered the mansion, they were immediately greeted by several gorgeous women.

"I love this place!" Micky said with a big smile on his face. He couldn't decide where to look.

There were models scattered everywhere. As soon as the girls noticed the DBSK boys, they immediately approached them and started talking with them.

"Hello boys . . . I see you've finally met my girls," Masao said with a grin.

"Yes . . . . they're all very . . . . very beautiful," Micky commented with a smile.

Masao laughed. "Well . . . . enjoy your talk with them . . . . I'm going to borrow Moniqa for a little while okay . . . . Xiah?"

Xiah just nodded and smiled.

Moniqa and Masao then walked to a group of people already conversing in a corner of the room. Then Xiah and the other DBSK boys suddenly became preoccupied with the girls that were trying to talk with them.

As time passed . . . . Xiah was already having fun talking with some of the female models that he had already forgotten about Moniqa. While Xiah was busy talking with the girls, Iqa was silently watching from afar. She was already very jealous. She was already pouting and fidgeting while trying to talk with some of Masao's guests.

Masao noticed Iqa and then he suddenly smiled. He then walked up to where Xiah and the other DBSK boys were and then he whispered something to Xiah.

"Your girlfriend is already jealous . . . . Better get her out now . . . . I don't want her to go mad with jealousy here . . . ." Masao said with a light laugh.

Xiah worriedly looked at Moniqa. He noticed that she already had a strange expression on her face. He suddenly smiled sweetly. "My baby's jealous . . . " he thought to himself.

Xiah politely excused himself from the girls he was talking to. And he hurriedly walked up to Moniqa.

"How about we go out for some fresh air?" he softly whispered in Iqa's ear.

"I thought you already have forgotten about me . . . . " Iqa said with a pout and as she glared at Xiah.

Xiah suddenly laughed."How can I possibly forget about my baby girl?" he asked and he gently pinched Moniqa's cheek.

The other people who saw Xiah's gesture suddenly smiled.

"You two love birds . . . . Better find some perfect place to talk," a man said to both Xiah and Moniqa with a naughty smile on his lips.

"Come on . . . . Let's go . . . . I want to have some time alone with you . . . ." Xiah whispered again to Iqa.

Moniqa smiled and just nodded. And she also excused herself from the people that she was talking to. Hurriedly Xiah and Moniqa went out of Masao's house. Hand in hand, they ventured out into the wide and open space of Masao's villa.

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Still holding hands. . . . Moniqa and Xiah walked into the open garden until they finally came upon a man-made lagoon.

"This is so beautiful!" Moniqa suddenly exclaimed. She was taken by surprise by the sight before her.

"Yes . . . It is very captivating . . . ." Xiah agreed. He was also very attracted to the beautiful sight he was looking at.

It was already night time and the moon was shining brightly in the sky. While the moon's reflection on the lagoon's water was somehow illuminating everything around the lagoon. The scene was totally breathtaking. It was like a scene out of a magazine cover, that had suddenly became a reality right before their eyes.

Xiah and Moniqa gently sat down, beside each other, on the upper side of the lagoon. They were both looking over the spectacular sight before them.

"The last time I went here . . . maybe a year ago. This place wasn't here before . . . . So Masao must have made this new improvement to his place a few months ago . . . ." she said with a sigh of awe.

"This place is really something . . . . " Xiah said. "The perfect place for lovers like us . . . ."

Iqa looked at Xiah with a smile. "Really now? I noticed that you're becoming more and more of a romantic these past few days . . . ."

"Romantic? Me? I'm a born romantic . . . .It's just that I don't easily show it to anyone," he answered with a sweet smile.

Moniqa suddenly laughed out loud. "Oh Xiah! You're killing me . . . ."

Xiah looked at Iqa with a hurt look on his face. Moniqa suddenly stopped laughing as soon as she saw the look on Xiah's face.

"Oh . . . . I'm sorry . . . Xiah. I didn't mean to offend you or anything . . . It's just that I am not used to seeing you being so romantic and all . . . . " she said apologetically.

"So you mean you don't like me to show you how much I love you?" Xiah asked with a strange expression on his face.

"No . . . . no . . . . what I mean is . . . . Oh! Never mind . . . . I just love you the way you are," Iqa said as she gently embraced Xiah. "Is your brother as sweet as you? I never even met your twin brother yet . . . ."

"Don't worry . . . . You will meet him. He is also very much interested in meeting you," Xiah said with a smile.

Moniqa suddenly release Xiah from his embrace and then she leaned against Xiah's shoulder.

"Can we be like this forever?" she asked suddenly.

Xiah looked at the sky . . . . then she slowly stared at Iqa as she was resting her head on his shoulder. "Yes . . . . we can . . . . if you like," he answered.

Moniqa raised her head and stared at at Xiah for a few minutes. . . . then she suddenly took Xiah's hand and held it between her two hands.

"Why do I suddenly feel that you're going to say something that I won't like?" Xiah said as she tried to hide his fear with a smile.

Iqa smiled. "Yes . . . I am going to say something . . . . and you're right . . . .You may not like what I am going to say . . . . "

Xiah's smile totally disappeared the moment he heard what Moniqa said.

"Then I don't want to hear it!" he said as he looked at the lagoon.

"Xiah . . . ." she softly uttered his name.

"Whatever it is . . . the answer is no," he replied with a serious expression on his face.

"Xiah . . . . how can you easily say no to something you haven't heard yet?" she asked with a sweet smile.

Xiah stared at Iqa's eyes. "I'm afraid . . . ." he uttered.

"Afraid of what?" Moniqa asked surprisedly.

"Of you . . . . leaving me," he replied with a weak voice.

Moniqa smiled. "I'm not going to leave you. It's just going to be a short vacation back to the Philippines . . . . just two weeks, Xiah."

Xiah was very surprised. He didn't want Moniqa to be away from him even for one day. How was he going to survive two weeks without her.

"Two weeks?" he asked with a surprised look in his eyes. He then hugged her from behind. He embraced her so tightly that Moniqa suddenly felt pity for him.

"Xiah . . . . Don' be like this . . . . please," she softly said.

"But I don't want you to go . . . . I can't live without you . . . . " he said again.

"Xiah . . . . I've been gone from the Philippines for more than three months now. I have left so many unfinished commitments that its already driving my manager crazy. I have to take care of those responsibilities . . . . Baby, please try and understand," she said as she gently held his hand.

Xiah looked out at the lagoon again. He didn't know what to say. He understood Moniqa's situation and the reason why she had to leave. But he was still reluctant to be away from her . . . . His heart was too afraid to let her go.

"Xiah . . . ."

"I understand why you must leave. But like I've said before . . . . I'm scared," he softly uttered.

Moniqa leaned her head on Xiah's chest and tried to snuggle comfortably in his arms. She leaned on his chest . . . that she was able to hear his heart beating. Xiah's heart was beating hard and very fast. Moniqa's heart was also beating fast . . . and was also aching. She didn't want to see him so sad. But there was nothing she could do.

"Xiah . . . . I have to go back . . . . I have to finish all the things I have left behind."

Xiah placed his head beside Iqa's head. He then lovingly kissed her head. He was so close to her that he could smell the scent of her hair and he could feel the warmth of her body. He was somehow feeling a strange sensation building up inside his body. A sensation he had never felt before.

"So . . . you've already made up your mind . . . . And I guess I can't stop you anymore," he said with a sad voice.

Moniqa was suddenly regretting that she had told Xiah about her trip back to the Philippines. This was supposed to be their very first official date after the accident . . . . They were supposed to be happily spending time with each other.

"Xiah . . . . Please . . . . two weeks . . . . just give me two weeks . . . . I'll try to settle everything as fast as I could . . . . And as soon as I am finished, I'll come back here . . . . . I'll come back to you," she tried to reassure him again.

Xiah tried to smile. "Frankly . . . .I know I'm being selfish . . . .So don't worry about me. You just do what you have to do. And just try to finish everything at your own pace. Don't try to over work yourself just because of me. You're still trying to recuperate from your surgery. So don't try to hurry everything . . . . just do all your commitments, one at a time. I wouldn't want you to suddenly get sick or anything like that . . . ." he said with concern.

Moniqa smiled. She could feel the love and concern in Xiah's voice. "Thank you . . . . Xiah . . . . Thank you for understanding."

"So when are you leaving?" he asked with a low voice.

"The day after tomorrow . . . ." she replied sadly.

"So that means I only have until tomorrow . . . . to be with you . . . ." he gently uttered.

"Yes . . . . don't worry about your scheduled activities for tomorrow. I've already talked with your manager. And he has agreed to cancel all your commitments . . . so we can have the whole day tomorrow to be together . . . ."

Xiah's face suddenly lit up with joy. "Really? So we will still be together tomorrow?" he asked joyfully.

"Yes . . . ." Iqa replied with a smile on her lips.

Xiah embraced Iqa tighter. They were both silent for a few minutes as they stared at the lagoon before them.

"Xiah . . . ."

"What is it?" he asked.

"Yesterday . . . I went to see the family of the girl who donated her heart to me," she replied.

Xiah was surprised. "What happened? Did you talk with them?"

"Yes . . . . I talked with them and they were very nice. She was involved in a car accident as well," she replied.

"And?" he asked curiously.

Moniqa sighed. "And I just learned yesterday that she was a big DBSK fan. And frankly the main reason why her parents agreed to donate her heart to me was because of you. . . She was a big fan of yours to be exact. So they wanted to help me because of you. They somehow thought that by helping me . . .They will be making you happy. . . . . And in return, they will be making their daughter happy too. She was only eighteen years old . . . . Her parents even showed me her pictures . . . . She was very pretty. Right now . . . . after learning who this new heart of mine belonged to . . . . I am really confused on what I should be feeling. I am very sad. . . . because she was so young. She could have done so many things in her life. . . . I am also grateful . . . . because I was given another chance . . . to be with you. But somehow . . . there is this small part of me that is feeling guilty."

"Guilty? Why?" Xiah asked.

"Guilty . . . . because somehow I feel I took something very important from someone . . . ."

"Iqa . . . please don't feel that way. It's not your fault she died . . . And it's not your fault that her parents gave you her heart . . . You shouldn't be feeling guilty, but instead you should be happy. I think you should try to live your life to the fullest . . . .that way you can show her family that their decision was right . . . . and that her death wasn't all in vain," Xiah tried to comfort Iqa.

"Yes . . . . you're right . . ." she replied with a sigh again.

"Please don't be sad . . . I hate seeing you sad," Xiah uttered.

"Xiah . . ."

"Uhmm. . . ." he uttered.

"While I'm gone . . . . Promise me . . . one thing," she said softly.


"You won't look at other women," she quickly replied.

Xiah suddenly laughed. "Why? Why did you suddenly say that?"

"Because . . . frankly . . . I am also afraid to leave you . . . I'm afraid that when I'm in the Philippines, you would suddenly meet a new girl and you would forget all about me . . . ." she answered as if somehow depressed.

"Hey . . . look at me," Xiah said as he made Moniqa face him. "I love you . . . and I will continue loving you no matter who comes along and no matter what happens."

"Honestly . . . . I am a bit insecure . . . . All your wounds have already healed perfectly. It's as if you were never involved in a car accident . . . . You're back to the same cute and adorable Xiah. While as for me . . . not all my wounds have healed perfectly. I already have so many scars . . . I am quite embarrassed to wear skirts or show off my arms now. . . . That's why . . . while you were talking to those models, I was feeling very jealous. You easily attract any woman's attention . . . . And that is what I am most afraid of . . . . compared with those models . . . . I am nothing now," she confessed.

Xiah looked at Iqa's face. Then he gently kissed her on the forehead.

"You don't have to be worried about anything . . . . I am yours . . . all yours . . . .I will never give my heart to any other girl except you," Xiah said with a sweet smile.

"Really? What if . . . . someone more beautiful . . . . young . . . . sweet . . . ."

"Ssshhh. . . . ." Xiah gently placed his finger on Moniqa's lips to stop her from talking.

"I love you, Iqa. . . . . And I will never love any other woman except you," Xiah said with love in his eyes. "I don't care about those scars on your body . . . . what I care about is you . . . . You're alive . . . . safe here by my side . . . . That is all that matters to me."

"Xiah . . . ."

They both looked into each other's eyes. . . . and they finally saw the love that they were desperately searching for. They knew right at that moment . . . . nothing could keep them apart . . . . not time . . . nor distance.

Xiah suddenly smiled. "It's already cold . . . . I think we should go in now . . . ." he softly said as he saw Iqa control her shiver due to the cold breeze.

Iqa nodded. "Maybe they are already looking for us . . . ." she agreed.

As Xiah and Moniqa and went back into the mansion, they immediately noticed that it had suddenly became very quiet. They entered the mansion quite puzzled. Then they found a note waiting for them on the door leading to the living room.

Xiah & Moniqa,

We went out to a club . . . . We know that the two of you needed some time alone so we didn't invite you along. We will be late in coming home so don't wait up. Hope the two of you will have your special time together.


Xiah suddenly laughed lightly.

"Why?" Iqa asked quite puzzled with Xiah's sudden laugh.

"Nothing . . . . It's just that your friend Masao is really something . . . ." Xiah answered.

"Yes . . . . he is . . ."

"So . . . . I have you all alone tonight . . . ." Xiah with a smile.

"Are you really happy that you're stuck here with me . . . . while all your friends are out partying with those gorgeous girls . . . ." Moniqa teased.

Xiah just shook his head. "No . . . . not the least envious . . . ." he replied with a sweet smile.

"Really?" she asked again.

Xiah suddenly embraced Iqa from behind. "I can stay awake all night . . . . just as long as you're in my arms."

Moniqa's heart was totally touched with Xiah's words. She could feel the deep love that he had for her. And it was bringing her so much happiness that she had never felt before.

"Xiah . . . . ." she softly uttered.

"Iqa . . . . ."

They were already facing each other now. Their eyes were somehow in a trance. Deep in each other's eyes they saw love. . . . . love that they both knew was going to last forever.

Xiah slowly started to lower his head. And he gently brushed his lips with feather-lightness over hers. Their lips met and somehow it made them totally forget about all their worries. They loved each other and it was the only thing that was important right at that moment. Xiah's kiss was very gentle at first . . . . but as time passed his kiss became more exploring and more passionate. Iqa didn't stop him. She wanted to remember their kiss. They were being pulled into an overwhelming emotion that both of them had never felt before.

As Xiah and Iqa continued to share their special moment together . . . . it was as if the time inside the mansion had suddenly stopped . . . They didn't have any worries or fears . . . .all they had at that moment was the love for each other . . . .While outside . . . . the moon continued to shine and the cold breeze continued to blow.

They knew that nothing was going to separate them . . . . ever again.

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CHAPTER 28 Part 1

Se7en, Masao and the DBSK boys were all in the airport, Moniqa was already going back to the Philippines and they were there to send her off.

Xiah had been very silent all throughout the trip to the airport. Moniqa had already noticed his behavior, but just decided to let him be.

The time had finally come to say goodbye . . . . .

"Take care of yourself okay?" Masao said with to Iqa with a smile.

"You don't have to worry about me . . . ." she replied with a smile as well.

"We always worry about you . . . . You always end up being in trouble . . . ." Se7en commented with a wide grin on his face.

Moniqa laughed. "Yeah . . . That's true. I always seem to get caught in all sorts of trouble. But don't worry, I'll be more careful this time."

"Don't forget to take care of yourself. Remember you're not fully recovered yet . . . ." Masao added.

"Don't overwork yourself . . . ." Max added as well.

"Remember . . . . to always be careful and always remember to take your medicine," U-Know reminded Iqa again.

"And please . . . . while you're in the Philippines . . . . avoid drinking wines or any kind of alcoholic beverages," Micky said seriously.

Se7en, Masao, Jaejoong, Max and U-Know all nodded in agreement to what Micky had said.

Moniqa smiled. They were all concerned about her, she thought.

"And always eat on time and try to eat a balanced diet . . . . and make sure the food you eat is low in cholesterol and rich in fiber," Jaejoong suddenly said to her.

Iqa suddenly laughed. She was very much amused with what Jaejoong said.

"Yes . . . . Mother Jaejoong . . . . I won't forget everything you said," she said as a tease.

Everyone who heard what Moniqa said laughed . . . . . except Xiah. He was hurting very badly to even care about what they were talking or laughing about.

Moniqa looked at Xiah's sad face. Her heart was somehow being slowly torn into pieces as she watched tears start to form in his eyes.

"Xiah . . . ." Moniqa uttered. She had been trying to ignore the sadness she was seeing in his eyes. She was afraid that if she gave in to her emotions, she would just decide to forget all about her obligations back in the Philippines. And that she would just decide to stay in Japan together with Xiah.

Moniqa closed her eyes. She wanted to stop the tears that were already trying to escape from her eyes. She was also very sad. She didn't want to leave Xiah. She was also very scared that once she left him . . . . he might suddenly find someone new. And she certainly didn't want that to happen. She would just die if something like that would happen.

"Xiah . . . ." she slowly uttered again. She had opened her eyes and now was looking at Xiah's face as tears flowed down his cheeks.

"Iqa . . . ." he said her name.

"Xiah . . . . Don't cry please . . . . You're going to make me cry too," she said as tears fell from her eyes as well.

Xiah couldn't control his emotions any longer. He immediately walked up to Moniqa and he suddenly embraced her tightly. He embraced her like he wasn't going to let her go ever again.

"Xiah . . . ." she cried.

"Please don't go . . . . I don't know what I would do without you . . . . Please . . . .' he cried.

Moniqa's heart was aching. She couldn't stand hearing and seeing him so sad. She embraced him tightly as well. She wanted to feel the warmth of his body. She wanted to keep the memory of it locked up in her heart.

"Xiah . . . . I'll only be gone for two weeks . . . . It's not like I'm never going back here . . . " she tried to explain.

"No . . . . I don't want you to go . . . . I want you always by my side," he said between sobs.

"Oh . . . . Xiah . . . . You're an artist as well . . . . You should know all about the obligations an artist has. . . . I have to settle all my commitments, Xiah . . . . please," she said softly.

"Are your responsibilities more important than me?" he suddenly asked as if hurt.

"No . . . . you're the most important thing in my life . . . But you know I also have to be responsible for other things and other people. I have to take care of them too . . . " she answered softly.

Xiah gently nodded. He understood Moniqa. The only problem was that his heart was unable to accept the fact that she was leaving him.

"Xiah . . . . It's only two weeks . . . . after that she'll be back. . . . Believe me, you won't even notice the days as it passes by," Masao said to Xiah.

"I'm sorry . . . .if I'm being unreasonable and selfish," Xiah said to Moniqa.

Iqa suddenly smiled and cupped Xiah's face with her two hands.

"Xiah . . . . I promise . . . . I'll be back and when I return. . . . I will never leave your side again. So please try and understand . . . . I can't go while seeing you like this. It's breaking my heart baby . . . . please. . . ." she said softly.

Xiah tried to wipe his tears away, and then he tried his best to put on a smile. "I"m sorry . . . . I don't want you to be unhappy or anything like that. Don't worry . . . . . I will be strong . . . . Just promise me one thing before you go . . . . "

"What is it?" she asked.

"Promise me that you will always think of me . . . ." he said with a smile.

Iqa smiled sweetly. "You don't have to say that . . . . I will be doing that even if you didn't say anything . . . ."

Xiah kissed Iqa on the forehead. "I will miss you baby . . . . "

"I will miss you too Xiah. Please take care of yourself," she replied.

"Call me whenever you're free . . . okay?" Xiah asked with a sad look in his eyes.

Moniqa just nodded. "I will call you everyday . . . . promise."

"Moniqa . . . . . It's time to go," Moniqa's manager suddenly announced.

She looked at her manager and then looked at everyone around her. She smiled.

Then she walked up to Masao. "Take care of yourself, Masao," she said as she gently kissed him on the cheek.

She then approached Se7en. "Goodbye Dong-Wook . . . . I'll be seeing you again in two weeks all right? Take care of yourself . . . ." she then kissed him on the cheek as well.

Lastly she approached the DBSK boys. . . .

"Thank you Jaejoong . . . Max . . . Micky. . . U-Know . . . . for all the help and the concern all of you have given me. I'll be seeing you guys again after two weeks okay? Please . . . .can you guys do me a small favor?"

"What is it?" U-Know asked.

"Can you guys take care of Xiah while I am gone? Can you make sure that he doesn't miss me so much?" she asked with a smile.

"Don't worry about him. . . . We will surely take care of him," Micky answered with a grin.

"We will be keeping an eye on him. So don't worry about him while you're in the Philippines. Just try to finish everything you're supposed to do and hurry back here," Jaejoong said with a sweet smile.

"Thank you very much guys . . . . I already owe you so much . . . ." she uttered.

"Oh . . . Don't mention it . . . . We are doing it because we all like you. And we know how much hyung loves you . . . ." Max said with a grin.

"So I'll be going . . . . Thank you again," she finally said before kissing the four DBSK boys on their cheeks.

"Moniqa . . . . We have to go . . . ." her manager impatiently said.

"Yes . . . . I am coming . . . ." she said.

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CHAPTER 28 Part 2

Lastly . . . Moniqa faced Xiah with sad eyes.

"Xiah . . . . so I am going now . . . . Please take care of yourself while I am gone. I promise I will call you and I will always think of you," she said with a trembling voice.
Somehow her tears were starting to form again in her eyes.

Xiah quickly drew Iqa closer to him. . . . and then he kissed her passionately. He wanted her to remember him by their last kiss. As they kissed, it was as if the world started to spin around them. They felt like they were the only people left in the world. They didn't want to be separated from each other. But they knew they had to do it. How they wished that time would suddenly stop so that they can be together longer.

But as their kiss finally ended . . . . tears were already falling from their eyes. Xiah wiped away Moniqa's tears . . . and she wiped his tears in return.

"I love you . . . ." he whispered.

"I love you too . . . ." she replied.

Moniqa quickly turned her back on him. She didn't want him to see her tears. She didn't want him to see her sadness.

Xiah just watched as Iqa slowly disappeared from his sight. His heart was breaking into pieces. He didn't want her to leave him. But he just tried to console himself with the thought that she will be back in two weeks time.

"I love you Iqa . . . . And I will be waiting for you until you return back to me . . . ." Xiah said in his mind.

A month passed . . . . .

Xiah sighed heavily. He was tired and he needed a break. They had been busy with interviews, TV guesting and rehearsals for Moniqa and Se7en's most anticipated concert.

Xiah looked out the window of the room they were in. Yes . . . he was tired but what was really making tired wasn't the physical strain. . . . but the emotional one.

"Hyung . . . . are you all right?" Max asked with concern.

Xiah tried to smile. "Yes . . . . don't worry," he replied.

"You look quite tired . . . ." Micky commented.

"It's because he hasn't been getting much sleep lately," U-Know said suddenly.

"Why?" Jaejoong asked curiously.

Micky suddenly grinned. "Do you have to ask that question? We already know why . . . ."

"Because of Iqa?" Jaejoong asked again.

Xiah sighed again. "It's been more than a month . . . . She said she would only be gone for two weeks . . . . But she's been away for so long . . . . It's already driving me crazy."

"You really do miss her badly . . . ." Max commented.

"But she calls you almost every other day . . . . And she's already explained to you why she's still in the Philippines right?" Jaejoong said while trying to point out Moniqa's side.

"Yes . . . . I know . . . . And I understand. . . . But I still can't help it . . . . I miss her . . . . I miss her badly. . . It's like whenever I close my eyes, it's her face I imagine. And whenever I open my eyes, it's also her face that I am hoping to see," Xiah said sadly.

"Xiah . . . . don't worry. Her concert with Se7en will be next week. So she will certainly be here this week. Try to cheer up okay?" Micky said with a smile.

"I can't help it . . . ." Xiah uttered hopelessly.

The other DBSK boys just looked at each other. They wanted to help their friend. But they didn't know what else to do.

"Okay boys . . . . Let's start from the top . . . ." the dance choreographer announced.

The DBSK boys suddenly stood up and continued with their practice. After an hour . . . . they were on a break. Xiah was feeling very lonely as usual. He then started to sing . . . . .

Rain in my heart..
Mou yamanai namida wa TONIGHT
(The tears won't stop, tonight)
Kimi ga saigo ni nokoshita
(Like something you left behind)
Hakanai wasuremono no you ni
(Temporarily forgotten)

Kimi no inai sekai wa yami ni furuete
(This world without you trembles in the dark)
Nee~ subete yume nara ii no ni
(It'd be nice if this was all just a dream)
Aitakute ohh MY GIRL
(I want to see you, oh my girl)
Aenai wake wa kimi no sayonara wo
(The reason I can't meet you)
Kikitaku nakatta kara
(Is because I don't want to hear your goodbye)

Everyone in the room just watched and listened to Xiah sing. He was obviously very emotional. And all of them could feel the loneliness in his voice.

Mou nakanaide itsumo YOU'RE CRYIN' BABY
(Don't cry anymore,You're always cryin' baby)
Sonna tokoro mo SO SWEET
(And even that part of you is so sweet)
Ima wa boku janai dareka ga Yeh
(Now someone else, not me)
Namida wo nugutterundane
(Is wiping away your tears)

Dakedo kimi ga suki da yo wasurerarenai
(But I love you, and now)
Omoide no naka dake ikiteru
(I'm just living inside these memories I can't forget)
Kono omoi FOREVER dakishimeta hi no
(This feeling is forever)
Kimi no kaori zutto karada wo hanarenakute
(Your scent from that day we embraced will never leave my body)

He was already half done with the song when . . . . .

"Is that song dedicated to me?" a sweet voice suddenly asked.

Xiah looked at where the voice came from . . . . It was Moniqa. She was standing near the door with a sweet smile on her lips.

Xiah didn't know if what he was seeing was real or just a figure of his imagination. He just stood staring blankly at Moniqa for several minutes before finally realizing that she was really standing in front of him.

"Iqa . . . . . " he suddenly screamed with joy after finally realizing that she was really in the room with him. Then he hurriedly ran to where she was.

Moniqa smiled and waited for Xiah with open arms. As soon as Xiah was close to her . . . he immediately carried her into his arms and started to swing her around the room.

Xiah was very happy. Iqa was finally in his arms again. Somehow all his worries and fears suddenly disappeared the moment he saw her again.

"I missed you baby. . . . " he said happily.

"I missed you too . . . . " she replied.

Xiah had put down Moniqa and was now just embracing her tightly.

"Why didn't you tell me you were coming today?" he asked with a pout.

"I wanted to surprise you . . . ." she replied sweetly.

"I was really starting to miss you badly . . . ." he said again.

"I know . . . . your friends told me that you might get sick or something if I didn't come back as soon as possible . . . . So here I am . . . . I was really worried about you," she said as she gently touched his face.

Xiah held Iqa's hand that was touching his face. "I was also very worried about you . . . . You said you would only be gone for two weeks . . . . but your two weeks suddenly became a month . . . . I was starting to wonder when you were really coming back . . . ." he said with a low voice.

Iqa smiled. "You don't have to worry anymore . . . . I am back now . . . . And like what I have said before . . . . this time I won't be leaving your side ever again."

Xiah's face suddenly lit up the moment he heard what she had said. He couldn't explain the joy he was feeling. Moniqa was going to stay with him and was never going to leave his side ever again. . . . the thought was causing him intense happiness he had never felt before.

Xiah gently lowered his head and started to kiss Iqa. Everyone in the rehearsal room , especially Jaejoong, Max, Micky and U-Know, suddenly applauded and screamed. They were all delighted that Xiah and Moniqa were finally together again.

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CHAPTER 28 Part 3

One week later . . . . Moniqa and Se7en's concert day . . . .

"Hurry up guys . . . . ." one of the staff members said to the DBSK boys. They were already about to perform.

"Okay . . . . you're in . . . . five . . . . four . . . . three . . . . two . . . . one . . . . go!"

The DBSK boys entered the stage and the crowd started to scream. Then they started to sing.

Girl, Let me prove that my love is real
I'll give all my love to you, Please Trust me

I believe...I believe that one can fall in love at first sight, though I told you that it wasn't possible.
I only hid this thought from you because I was afraid that you would look at me as if I was careless and hasty.

To tell the truth, ever since I met you I only lived with thoughts of you.
There was only one thing on my mind from when I woke up in the morning to when I went to bed at night.

I believe in you...I will send all my feelings for you through the the way I look at you. Do you know how my heart feels, how I want to keep the feelings I have for you hidden?
Even the fearful feelings for when you might leave me one day.

Love is a nervous feeling that flutters your heart...
it is like a breathtaking loneliness...
Please keep looking at me with the same eyes...always and forever like this.

If only you could stay close enough to me
so that my heart can relax...
just so that I could see you...
I would be very happy.

I believe in you...I will send all my feelings for you through the the way I look at you. Do you know how my heart feels, how I want to keep the feelings I have for you hidden?
Even the fearful feelings for when you might leave me one day.

If I could stay by your side like this...
If, in the end, it is that I don't know anything about how much I love you.*Repeat

I can't let you go
You are the only one in my life

After the DBSK boys . . . . Se7en suddenly followed with his song "Promise."

When I was confused about a love
When I went through hard time with my memories
When my life was filled with boring days
You always made them special
You're the one who only turns to me
You're the one who's always next to me
But I've never been able to tell you how I feel
I've never felt nervous around you
But after watching over you and laughing with you
I think I've grown attached to you

I've always walked each day alone
But now
I want to walk while holding your hand
As you watch over me closer than my shadow
I've realized what you felt for me
Now I know what you feel
And it might be a little late oh baby girl
But I'll leave traces of her behind
And keep my eyes on the girl who cried away from my sight
It's all for you
Now I'm going to give my love to you
For the girl who only looked at me
You're the one who only turns to me
You're the one who's always next to me
I've never felt nervous around you baby

For the girl who's been by my side
You're the one who's always smiled at me
I've always walked each day alone
But now
I want to walk while holding your hand
As you watch over me closer than my shadow
I've realized what you felt for me
Now I know what you feel
I'll only turn to you oh baby girl
I'm sorry that I didn't accept your love sooner
You've waited for so long
You've been hurt for so long
You won't have tears in your eyes anymore
I'll hold you in my arms forever
Until the day I close my eyes
It'll be you and be for eternity
I want us to be together bebe
Closer than our shadows are
I'll stay by your side to watch over you
I'll only love you oh baby girl
Now, I will only love you

After Se7en . . . . Moniqa followed with her song . . . . "Love Moves In Mysterious Ways."

Who'd have thought this is how the pieces fit
You and I shouldn't even try making sense of it
I forgot how we ever came this far
I believe we had reasons but I don't know what they are
Don't blame it on my heart, oh

Love moves in mysterious ways
It's always so surprising
When love appears over the horizon
I'll love you for the rest of my days
But still it's a mystery
How you ever came to me
Which only proves
Love moves in mysterious ways

Heaven knows love is just a chance we take
We make plans but then love demands a leap of faith
So hold me close and never never let me go
'Cos even though we think we know which way the river flows
That's not the way love goes, no

Love moves in mysterious ways
It's always so surprising
When love appears over the horizon
I'll love you for the rest of my days
But still it's a mystery
How you ever came to me
Which only proves
Love moves in mysterious ways

Like the ticking of a clock two hearts beat as one
But I'll never understand the way it's done, oh

Love moves in mysterious ways
It's always so surprising
When love appears over the horizon
I'll love you for the rest of my days
But still it's a mystery
How you ever came to me
Which only proves
Love moves in mysterious ways

Love moves... in mysterious ways....

As soon as Moniqa finished with her song Xiah suddenly appeared. She was very surprised because she knew that he wasn't supposed to perform after her. She was very confused . . . . But Xiah just continued to smile and then he started to sing . . . . .

Rain in my heart..
Mou yamanai namida wa TONIGHT
(The tears won't stop, tonight)
Kimi ga saigo ni nokoshita
(Like something you left behind,)
Hakanai wasuremono no you ni
(Temporarily forgotten)

Kimi no inai sekai wa yami ni furuete
(This world without you trembles in the dark)
Nee~ subete yume nara ii no ni
(It'd be nice if this was all just a dream)
Aitakute ohh MY GIRL
(I want to see you, oh my girl)
Aenai wake wa kimi no sayonara wo
(The reason I can't meet you)
Kikitaku nakatta kara
(Is because I don't want to hear your goodbye)

Xiah gently took Moniqa's hand and held it tightly as he sang. The fans in the stadium were already screaming wildly. Everyone was ecstatic with the sweet scene that was happening in front of them.

Mou nakanaide itsumo YOU'RE CRYIN' BABY
(Don't cry anymore,You're always cryin' baby)
Sonna tokoro mo SO SWEET
(And even that part of you is so sweet)
Ima wa boku janai dareka ga Yeh
(Now someone else, not me,)
Namida wo nugutterundane
(Is wiping away your tears)

Dakedo kimi ga suki da yo wasurerarenai
(But I love you, and now)
Omoide no naka dake ikiteru
(I'm just living inside these memories I can't forget)
Kono omoi FOREVER dakishimeta hi no
(This feeling is forever)
Kimi no kaori zutto karada wo hanarenakute
(Your scent from that day we embraced will never leave my body)

Hazusenai mune no KUROSU ni kizanda sono namae
(I can't take it off, this cross on my chest with your name engraved on it)
Baby you're my love

Kimi no inai sekai wa yami ni furuete
(This world without you trembles in the dark)
Nee.. subete yume nara ii no ni
(It'd be nice if this was all just a dream)
Aitakute OH MY GIRL
(I want to see you, oh my girl)
Aenai wake wa kimi no sayonara wo
(The reason I can't meet you)
Kikitaku nakatta kara
(Is because I don't want to hear your goodbye)

Ima mo kimi ga suki da yo
(Even now, I love you)
(You're unforgettable)

Omoide no naka dake ikiteru
(I'm just living in memories)
Kono omoi FOREVER
(This feeling will last forever)
Yamanai ame ga boku no kokoro dake
(Even if ceaseless rain falls on my heart alone)
Kagiri naku nurashitemo
(Eternally drenching it)

As soon as the song was finished, Xiah softly kissed Moniqa on the lips in front of the thousands of fans screaming. The crowd grew wild after seeing Xiah kiss Moniqa. Moniqa was touched and also shocked with Xiah's sweet gesture. But she didn't expect the next surprise that Xiah had planned for her.

Xiah suddenly knelt down in front of Moniqa and took out a small box in his pocket. Then he gave it to her with a very sweet smile on his lips. Moniqa's heart was pounding wildly. She already had an idea what was inside the box. But she was still having doubts.

With trembling hands . . . . she took the small box from Xiah and nervously opened it. Then as she expected . . . . right in front of her eyes . . . . was a diamond ring.

"Xiah . . . . ." she uttered in total confusion. She looked straight into his eyes as if asking what was going on.

Xiah smiled. "I love you . . . . I don't think I can live without you . . . I want you to be always by my side . . . . That's why . . . . I want to ask you . . . . Would you marry me? . . . . I know I still have a lot to learn about love and being a good husband but I am willing to learn . . . . If you would give me the chance . . . . Please say yes . . . . " he said with sweet smile.

"But . . . . Xiah . . . Are you sure this is what you want? . . . . What about your career? . . . . Your fans? . . . . Your dreams? . . . ." Iqa asked.

"The only thing that matters to me now is you . . . . I love you and I want you . . . I am willing to give up everything I have now just to be with you . . . . " he said with love in his eyes.

"Xiah . . . ." she uttered. She couldn't explain the happiness she was feeling.

"I love you . . . ." he uttered again.

Tears started to fall from Moniqa's eyes. She didn't care about anything anymore. What she wanted most in the world was to be with him . . . . and she would never let this moment go.

Slowly Iqa nodded. "Yes . . . . I would love to marry you . . . ."

Suddenly happiness was very visible in Xiah's face. "Yes . . . ." he happily exclaimed. Then he carefully took out the ring from the box and placed it in Iqa's finger. Then he gently kissed her again. They were both very happy . . . . From that time on . . . .they were going to be together, no matter what happens.

As the crowd in the stadium were all shouting and screaming . . . . . Moniqa suddenly whispered something in Xiah's ear.

"I suggest you try to learn how to be a good husband very fast . . . . And while you're learning that . . . . I also suggest you try to learn how to be a good father too . . . . Because you're going to be one . . . . about eight months from now . . . . ." she said with a sweet smile.

Xiah looked at Moniqa with a shocked expression on his face. Moniqa just smiled at him and then he lovingly kissed her again.

Two years later. . . .

"Star!" Moniqa called out.

The DBSK boys were all busy playing with a little girl in the garden of Xiah and Moniqa's new house in Japan.

"Baby . . . . your mommy's calling," Xiah said to the little girl.

"Mama . . . ." the little girl called out as she hurriedly ran to where Moniqa was.

"So what has my baby girl been doing?" Moniqa sweetly asked the little girl. She lovingly carried the little girl in her arms and went to where the DBSK boys were all sitting.

"What have you guys been teaching my princess?" she asked the DBSK boys with a smile.

"Nothing . . . ." Jaejoong and Micky answered with a smile.

Moniqa looked at Xiah. She was somehow asking him what they were really teaching the little girl.

"Don't worry . . . .We were just singing to her . . . ." Xiah said with a smile.

Moniqa smiled again. "That's good . . . . . It's already time to eat . . . . Masao and Se7en are already inside the house . . . . They also brought wines and foods as a gift for your successful concert last night . . . ."

The DBSK boys smiled. They were all very happy. Everything was going well for everyone of them. Xiah was happily married and their careers were very successful as well. There was nothing else they could wish for.

"Come on little girl . . . . Let's leave Mommy and Daddy alone for a while," Micky said with a big grin on his face.

"Hey . . . ." Moniqa said as a warning to Micky.

"Just joking . . . ." Micky said with a grin again.

Jaejoong. Max, Micky and U-Know all went into the house together with Star. While Xiah and Moniqa were left alone in the garden. Lovingly . . . . Xiah embraced Iqa.

"Happy?" Iqa softly asked Xiah.

"Yes . . . . very . . . . ." he replied.

"Thank you . . . . Xiah . . . . ." she suddenly uttered.

"Thank you for what?" he asked as if confused.

"Thank you for entering my life and being with me these past two years . . . ." Iqa replied.

Xiah smiled. "I should be the one saying that to you . . . ." he said again.

"Don't you regret marrying me?" she suddenly asked.

Xiah made Moniqa face him. Then he slowly lifted her chin to face him directly.

"Why are you suddenly asking me that? Do I make you unhappy? Do I make you feel that I am regretting the day I married you?" he asked continuously.

"No . . . . It's just that . . . ." she uttered.

"I love you . . . . and I will always love you no matter what happens. So please don't ever think that I am unhappy with you . . . . Because frankly . . . . you are the one who has made my life meaningful . . . . you and Star . . . ." Xiah said with love in his eyes.

Moniqa smiled with tears in her eyes. "I love you Xiah . . . . "

"I love you too . . . . Iqa. . . ." he said as he lovingly covered her mouth with his.

They both knew that all the hurt and worries were already over . . . . and there were only love and happiness in their lives right now. And no matter happens . . . . they will always be by each other's side . . . . together with their daughter Star . . . .supporting and loving one another until the end of time.

>>>>>>THE END<<<<<<

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